Are primary Baby Clothes Eco-Friendly?

Are primary Baby Clothes Eco-Friendly?

You may have come across one of the raving reviews of Primary, increasing in popularity continuously. But, do you wonder how well the sustainable efforts of this U.S. slogan-free brand are?

We get it, and in our review today, we will share Primary’s most significant eco-friendly and sustainable efforts to help you decide if their value aligns with those of your family.

What does Primary do to be a sustainable and eco-friendly brand?

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Are primary Baby Clothes Eco-Friendly?

However, the clothing collections from Primary are not entirely crafted from Organic cotton; they have a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to achieving many goals that benefit the environment, such as eliminating the use of materials that are not eco-friendly and making a stand against deforestation.

Does Primary use organic cotton for their baby clothes?

Primary has ALL their clothing Oeko-tex certified, tested for harmful substances for humans and gentle for your baby’s skin. In addition to this commitment, they have used G.O.T.S-certified cotton for SOME of their collections since 2020.

What else does Primary do to be eco-friendly?

Primary is transparent and detailed about their sustainable and eco-friendly actions and goals which is always great to see if brands do.

Exclusion of certain non-certified fabrics– One of the essential eco-friendly, sustainable things Primary does within its brand is taking a stand against deforestation by excluding certain non-certified materials.

The fabrics included being excluded from all their collection are Non-certified viscose, modal and rayon fabrics.

Feel Good Denim-Primary also launched its first sustainable synthetic fabrics made with recycled materials in 2019. You can find them in their collections as denim Jackets, denim shorts and joggers. Denim to feel good bout.

Did you know that Primary has reached its own sustainability goals to use 100 % sustainable materials for the synthetic materials it used in 2020?

Does Primary use eco-friendly materials to ship your order?

Also, with the shipping procedures, Primary has made the process more eco-friendly.

Since January 2021, Primary has started transitioning to more sustainable packing and using 100% compostable shipping envelopes and 100% compostable belly bands.

Also, the gift wrapping paper that Primary uses is made with recycled materials that can be reused multiple times. (packaging transition will take some time to flow through; until it is complete, orders may include items with our old packaging.)

Final thoughts for sustainability in Primary baby clothes.

After reaching sustainable set goals in 2021, primary claims to keep working towards new sustainable goals but have not updated their goals yet.

There is always room for improvement to do more and better.

Still, looking back at their achievements, Primary shows above-average actions in improving their sustainability and eco-friendly approaches and communicating them to their audience.

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