Tea collection VS Hanna Andersson

Tea collection VS Hanna Andersson. While Hanna Andersson has the head over Tea for brand recognition, the Tea collection is doing well too, adored by many for its cute artistic colourful style of kids’ clothing, inspired by many cultures celebrated worldwide.

Let’s set aside these two popular U.S. kids’ fashion brands to learn about the main differences.

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Tea Collection VS Hanna Andersson

Although the Tea collection has a solid following, quite a few customers return to Hanna after they give Tea a go and find that the hand-me-down quality of Hanna is slightly higher. Also, some find that Tea clothing fades quicker than Hanna’s clothing, and Tea collection sizing can sometimes be a bit odd.

Since when are Hanna Andersson and Tea collections around?

The San Fransisco-based clothing brand Tea Collection has been around for two decades, initially co-founded by Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon in 2002.

So compared to Hanna Andersson, based in Portland and founded in 1983, Tea Collection is a much younger company, yet a well-established brand in today’s boutique fashion brands in the U.S. and even sold and recognised worldwide.

What are the main differences between the Tea Collection and Hanna Andersson?

Hanna Andersson and Tea collections are popular kids’ clothing brands for families looking for midrange-quality clothing with many unique, adorable prints and designs.

Both popular brands are members of the Kidizen Rewear program, which supports the reuse and creation of quality kids’ clothing to encourage families to purchase high-quality products that last well longer than one child.

Underneath, you will find the Pros and Cons between the brands in an overview to compare these two U.S brands.

Tea collection


  • Sizing can be off compared to similar brands
  • Inconvenient return process
  • Not G.O.T.S certified


  • Regular discounts and promotions
  • Official member of the Kidizen reward program
  • The benefit of email service for discounts

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Hanna Andersson


  • Great brand recognition
  • Some collections made with G.O.T.S certified cotton
  • Hanna Andersson holds up well and is excellent for multiple siblings
  • Free return policies


  • Inconsistent customer service quality.

Final thoughts for Tea collection VS Hanna Andersson?

Tea Collection and Hanna Andersson are popular kids’ brands with a strong following.

Hanna Anderssons’ success thrives on significant brand recognition with a long-lasting quality that can be handed down from sibling to sibling while still looking great.

Tea Collection kid’s clothing is loved for its unique cultural celebrated style inspired by different cultures worldwide and made into modern design kids’ clothes.

While Tea may not be around as long as Hanna Andersson, they have established an excellent brand thus far, but overall, Hanna’s clothing is slightly higher recognised for their quality to hold up great, enduring many hours of play and wash cycles so that siblings don’t walk-in dress that not necessarily looks like handed-down clothing.

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