Are Nest Design Organic Swaddle Sleeping bags Sold in Australia?

Nest Design is a populair high-quality baby brand primarily known for its broad selection of high-quality sleeping wearables for babies made from various fabrics, such as the Organic swaddle sleeping bag, which we will discuss today.

However, Nest Design is based in America; this luxurious U.S baby wear brand is popular way beyond American and Canadian borders.

Today we are touching base on the availability of the Nest Desing products, and we will answer the following question:

Are nest design organic swaddle sleeping bags sold in Australia?

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Are nest design organic swaddle sleeping bags sold in Australia?

Yes, Nest design organic swaddle sleeping bags are sold in Australia.

There is actually a generous selection of both togs options from 0.5 and 1 available for the Nest Design organic swaddle sleeping bags sold in Australia by the biggest one-stop nursery retailer in Australia, Baby Bunting.

Can you de-attach the nestig Design swaddle of the Organic sleeping bag?

Yes, the wings are adjustable. After your baby has outgrown the swaddle stage, you can remove the wings and use them and use it as a traditional sleeping bag.

Which togs are the Nestig swaddle sleeping bag?

The organic swaddle sleeping bag of Nestig comes in 2 different togs. 0.5 and 1. Remember that if you use the swaddle sleeping bag, the swaddle sleeping bag is rated 0.5 togs higher if used with the swaddle on than the initial rating.

Is the Nestig sleeping bag made with organic cotton?

Bamboo Sleeveless Sleep Bag 0.6 TOG – Eric Carle Herb Garden

from: Nest Designs

Yes, the nestig sleeping bag is made with 100% G.O.T.S-certified cotton.

Final thoughts about Nestigs swaddle sleeping bag selection in Australia?

For the populair selection of Nestig swaddle sleeping bags in Australia, you can check out Baby Bunting, which stocks a wide range of Nestig sleeping bags.

Aditionally you can also find other pieces of the famous American Nestig brand in Baby Bunting Australia, such as regular sleeping bags made from bamboo or high-end baby suits.

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