Is Carter’s Little Planet G.O.T.S certified?

Is carter’s Little Planet G.O.T.S certified?

Great question: Choosing G.O.T.S (Global organic textile standards) certified brands is the easiest way to determine whether baby clothes you love are genuinely organic.

As you may know, most of Carter’s children’s clothing is good quality but not organic. However, L little Planet is Carter’s only apparel line that is more sustainable by using organic cotton.

However, you may wonder if Carter’s little planet line is G.O.T.S certified and genuinely organic? Especially considering their organic baby clothesline is one of the most affordable ones.

Let’s find out of Carter’s Little Planet is certified with the globally highly respected G.O.T.S.

Is Carter’s Little Planet G.O.T.S certified organic?

Carter’s is a major retailer in the U.S for children’s clothing. However, t e majority of their children’s clothes are not organic; Carter’s baby clothes line, Little Planet, is organic and certified with G.O.T.S for all their products within this line. They have even some matching products for mum and bub too.

Are all products in the Little Planet line Certified organic?

Yes, all products for mum and bub you can find in the little planet line are G.O.T.S certified organic and more sustainable than regular cotton baby clothes.

Are certified organic baby clothes worth it?

You may know that organic cotton is an excellent choice for your baby’s skin and a kinder option for the environment; however, identifying a genuinely organic clothing brand worth it can be tricky.

Choosing certified organic baby clothes is the most uncomplicated and trustworthy strategy to recognise genuine quality organic baby clothes.

What are the most significant benefits of G.O.T.S certified baby clothes?

One of the great benefits of certified organic baby clothes is the reinsurance that baby clothes you buy are genuinely organic, which is precious information.

But when you are purchasing certified organic clothing, you also buy products that are more sustainably and ethically made and cover a range of socially responsible standards.

You can check out the little video underneath if you are interested in learning more about the benefits G.O.T.S certification covers. And the great thing is, nowadays, purchasing certified organic clothing doesn’t have to cost a lot.

How affordable are Carter’s Little Planet organics?

Together with a few others, Carter’s Little Planet clothes are one of the most affordable options to set up your babies’ wardrobe with organic garments.

Yes, the Little Planet line also has some more dressy items that are a little most costly. Still, if you want to keep your budget low and the basic outfits for most of your baby’s wardrobe, Little Planet could be one of the most affordable brands to set yourself up with certified organic baby clohtes.

You could use the organic bundles for the cheapest options where multiple rompers and onesies or playsuits are sold in bundles. Some of the basic bundles are priced very similar to the non-organic bundles from Carters that are not organic. Then you w under why not go organic for a comparable price anyhow.

Final thoughts for Carter’s organic baby clothesline?

Carter’s organic clothing line Little planet is genuinely organic and sustainable and one of the cheapest organic baby clothes available that are certified with the globally highly respected organic standards in the field G.O.T.S.

You can find individual items in Carter’s organic line that are slightly more expensive and dressy. Still, if you are after comfy but basic onesies and rompers, you can choose from the Little Planet bundle offers and set your baby’s organic wardrobe up for similar money as you would purchase mainstream.

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