Hanna Andersson VS Little Sleepies

Hanna Andersson VS Little Sleepies. While it is hard to stand up against iconic established brands like Hanna Andersson, who has gained huge brand recognition in the U.S and worldwide, there are some newer launched boutique brands like Primary, Tea Collection, and Little Sleepies. T

They have done well-finding gaps in the market for additional boutique kids’ clothing styles missing and have all become quite successful in what they do.

Today we like to share the most significant differences between Hanna Andersson and Little Sleepies to learn about the Pros and Cons of each brand.

Which are your all-time favourite go-to kids brands?

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Hanna Andersson VS Little Sleepies

While both Hanna Anderson and Little Sleepies both focus on quality kids’ clothes that are not particularly cheap, Little Sleepies uses Bamboo viscose for their buttery soft matching Pj’s for the whole family. In contrast, Hanna Andersson uses certified organic cotton for their all-time favourite family pyjamas, which may align better for families that look for a more eco-friendlier choice.

While Maradith Frenkel launched Little Sleepies in 2016 and booked quite a bit of success growing this bamboo sleeping brand based in the U.S, Hanna Anderson is around for a bit longer, established in 1983 by Gun Denhart and famous for their organic matching pyjamas available in tons of cute prints.

You may wonder which brand to go with? How do you choose between these two quality brands?

Check out the main pros and cons of both brands where you can find the most significant differences between these two popular kids’ fashion brands.

Pros and Cons for Hanna Andersson…


  • All clothing is Oeko tex certified.
  • Pyjamas are made with soft G.O.T.S certified cotton. (Not all Hanna’s other clothing items are organic, though, read more here)
  • Durable hands me down quality
  • Hyper allergenic
  • Sustainable Eco-friendly choice


  • Pricey-(Check out Hanna Anderssons sales here)

Inconsistent customer service quality

  • Only free shipping over $100- in the U.S-(although it is not hard to spend $100-)

Pros and Cons for Little Sleepies


  • Opportunity to support small business
  • Cute matching design pj’s for young and old
  • Super soft Bamboo viscose
  • Hyper allergenic
  • Stretchy material that fits longer
  • Free shipping above $25- (U.S)
  • Frequently Choosen brand by celebrities including Andy Cohen, Chrissy Teigen, Haylie Duff and the Kardashians (Kim, Khloe and Kylie) 
  • Supporting of charity Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation


  • Not G.O.T.S certified
  • Not Oeko tex certified
  • fairly pricey
  • Low sustainable focus

Final thoughts for Hanna Andersson VS Little Sleepies

To decide if you want to go with Hanna Andersson or Little Sleepies comes basically down to your preferences of going with Organic cotton Or Bambo viscose.

Both materials are hypoallergenic, buttery soft and perfect for all year round weather keeping baby cool and comfy.

Yet if you are looking for a more sustainable eco-friendlier purchase, Hanna Andersson may be your go-to brand in this case as organic cotton is considered to put less strain on the environment than the process of making bamboo viscose in most cases.

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