Hanna Andersson VS Moon and Back-

Today we are sharing a clear overview of the most significant differences between Hanna Andersson Vs Moon and Back.

While Hanna Andersson has been around since 1983 and has excellent brand recognition, Moon and back, launched by Hanna Andersson in June 2019, can be worth checking out.

Hanna Andersson VS Moon and Back

While Hanna Andersson is famous for their hands me down quality and has tons of cute designs for their kid’s clothes and pyjamas, their Moon and back collection on Amazon has great benefits such as affordable price tags and exclusive certified organic pieces.

What is Moon and Back?

The Moon and Back collection of kid’s clothes were launched by Hanna Andersson for Amazon customers and has gained quite a bit of traction.

The 2019 launched kids clothing line may be more limited than Hanna’s initial collections, yet the Moon and back collection have gained quite a bit of traction, and the range of products choices have been expanding over the last year.

Hanna Andersson VS Moon and Back-Best seller Moon and back Pajama set with pink flowers.
Bestseller Moon and back Pajama set with pink flowers.

Some people are doubtful to try Moon and back and wonder if the quality is the same as Hanna’s initial collection. Yet, the truth is that Moon and back are pretty popular and reviewed well amongst Amazon customers, such as these Moon and back kids pyjamas shown above available in tons of different prints.

Hanna Andersson VS Moon and Back-Moon and back product rating overview for pink flower pj set.
Moon and back product rating overview for pink flower P.J. set.

As you can see, this Moon and Back P.J. set has received over 3000+ reviews and scored 4.8 out of 5 stars on average, which is an outstanding achievement and a clear response of happy Moon and back customers.

Pros and Cons for Hanna Anderson VS Moon and back?

However, Moon and Back collection can’t beat Hanna’s initial collections’ general design and print choices. In addition, the Moon and back label on Amazon is expanding, and there are quite a few items available to choose from.

Underneath, we put some of the most significant Pros and Cons for you underneath to view.

Moon and back


  • Exclusively made from 100% G.O.T.S. cotton
  • More affordable
  • Great reviewed


  • Limited collection-less clothing choices than Hanna’s initial collection

Hanna Andersson


  • Great brand recognition
  • Tons of cute designs and prints are available
  • All clothes Oeko-tex 100 certified


  • Only Partial collection made with 100% G.O.T.S. cotton
  • Firm pricing

Final thoughts for hanna Andersson VS Moon and Back?

While Hanna Andersson is the all-time winner for choice of adorable prints and designs, Moon and back are catching up and offering more design choices, too, over the last year or so.

The most remarkable thing about Moon and Back compared to Hanna’s initial collection have to be the affordable price tag for exclusively certified organic babywear products that is overall very well-reviewed indeed.

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