Is ALL Hanna Andersson organic?

Is ALL Hanna Andersson organic?

Understandably, you ask the question, as you may have noticed previously, that even brands with a sustainable approach do not always use organic cotton exclusively.

As for the Hanna brand, sustainability is one of their core values, but are they currently using organic cotton for all their clothing?

Is all Hanna Andersson Organic?-Hand holding white cotton.
Is all Hanna Andersson Organic?-Hand holding white cotton.

Is ALL Hanna Andersson organic?

Sustainability is one of Hanna’s core values, and their high-quality clothing is in line with these values to minimize clothing going down to landfills but rather be sold as pre-loved items or handed down.

Hanna contributes to producing sustainable products by utilizing recycled materials for some of their clothing and organic cotton; however, at this stage, not all of Hanna’s garments are organic.

Is Hanna Andersson G.O.T.S certified?

Yes, Hanna Andersson has a G.O.T.S. certification which is renewed every year. As you may know, G.O.T.S. (global organic textile fibres) is the most respected standard for organic fibres and an excellent resource to recognize genuine organic clothing and find some of the best organic baby clothes around.

Which of Hanna’s collections is G.O.T.S certified?

Even though Hanna’s initial collection is not exclusively organic, they have one label called Moon and Back that is an exception. Within this label, all clothing is 100% organic and G.O.T.S. certified. On top of that, this Amazon label of Hanna is more affordable as well.

As for Hanna’s initial collection, you can find out per individual product description from the particular items is made from organic cotton and certified with the G.O.T.S.

Is all Hanna’s clothing free of harmful chemicals for humans?

However, not all Hanna’s initial collection is organic and certified with G.O.T.S. at this stage yet. It is excellent peace of mind that the Oeko-tex certification covers almost all other clothing items from Hanna’s initial collection.

What is the difference between G.O.T.S and Oeko-tex certification?

While both standards ensure that your babies’ clothing fabrics are free from harmful substances such as harsh chemicals, there are differences between the two.

While G.O.T.S. is the highest respected standard for alone Organic fibres, certified Oeko-tex products don’t have to be organic. E.G., bamboo is not considered an organic fibre and Bamboo baby clothes brands can certify their products with G.O.T.S. Yet, they can apply for Oeko-tex 100 certification to ensure that their garments are free of harmful substances.

Final thoughts on the organic clothing of Hanna Andersson?

Hanna is a popular high-end baby clothes brand that doesn’t come cheap (however, there are ways to access Hanna’s baby clothes for affordable pricing), and not all are organic. Yet, there are plenty of organic baby clothes to choose from and g.o.t.s certified, but check the product description to ensure this fact.

Additionally, you can check Moon and back from Hanna Andersson for an entirely organic Hanna Collection and enjoy more affordable pricing as well.

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