Is ALL Hanna Andersson organic?

Hanna Andersson does use organic cotton and the Oeko-tex label as well. But are ALL Hanna Andersson collections organic or just a limited selection?

Understandably, you ask the question, as you may have noticed that brands with a sustainable approach do not always use organic cotton exclusively.

As for the Hanna brand, sustainability is one of their core values, but are they currently using organic cotton for all their clothing?

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*Please note: This article requires updating as Moon’s back collection from Hanna Andersson has changed since we reviewed this collection. Please note that Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson are NOT longer made from GOTS-certified organic cotton but only Oeko tex certification for their organic cotton for this range. Also, pieces not exclusively of 100% organic cotton are added to the Moon and Back collection.

Is ALL Hanna Andersson organic?

Sustainability is one of Hanna’s core values, and member of Kidizen encourages customers to extend the lifecycle of quality clothing like Hanna Andersson beyond one child.

Hanna contributes to producing sustainable products by utilizing recycled materials for some of their clothing and organic cotton; however, not all of Hanna’s collections are organic at this stage.

Is Hanna Andersson G.O.T.S certified?

Yes, Hanna Andersson has a G.O.T.S. certification which is renewed every year.

As you may know, G.O.T.S. (global organic textile fibres) is the most respected standard for organic fibres and an excellent resource for recognizing genuine organic clothing and finding some of the best organic baby clothes.

But not all Hanna Andersson clothing is G.O.T.S certified yet.

Which of Hanna’s collections is G.O.T.S certified?

Even though Hanna’s initial collection is not exclusively organic, they have one label, Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson, exclusive of G.O.T.S certified.

Within this label, all clothing is 100% organic and G.O.T.S. certified. On top of that, this Amazon label of Hanna is also more affordable.

As for Hanna’s initial collection, you can find out per individual product description from the items made from organic cotton and certified with the G.O.T.S.

Is all of Hanna’s clothing free of harmful chemicals and safe?

However, not all of Hanna’s initial collection is organic and certified with G.O.T.S. at this stage. It is excellent peace of mind that the Oeko-tex certification covers almost all other clothing items from Hanna’s initial collection.

What is the difference between G.O.T.S. and Oeko-tex certification?

While G.O.T.S. is the highest respected standard for organic fibres, brands that do not use organic fibre can use Oeko-tex products to help you find baby en kids’ clothes free of harmful substances more efficiently.

Many baby brands have started using the Oeko tex for their baby and kids’ clothing over the last few years, including Hanna Andersson for most of their collections.

On the other hand, G.O.T.S can only be used if organic cotton has grown on a recognized organic farm and covers a range of social responsibility standards.

Hanna Andersson has their whole Moon and Back collection certified with G.O.T.S, and parts of their initial collections, including their famous PJs, are all made of G.O.T.S organic coon, including their famous matching Christmas Pjs.

Final thoughts on the organic clothing of Hanna Andersson?

Hanna is a famous high-end baby clothes brand with partial collections using the G.O.T.S certified cotton.

Hanna Andersson doesn’t come cheap (however, there are ways to access Hanna’s kid’s clothes collections for more affordable pricing),

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