Can you Sell back baby clothes In Australia?

Opportunities to sell back baby clothes programs in Australia?

Sell back baby clothes-Mother with her newborn wearing a blue outfit.
Sell back baby clothes-Mother with her newborn wearing a cute blue outfit.

The trends on following a sustainable lifestyle are increasing in popularity continuously. We see many innovative businesses across the globe offering additional products and services on top of their traditional sustainable offers. Not only nappies are high discussed topic when it comes to sustainable choices for baby wear, but baby clothes is another exciting and another great topic to brainstorm upon. We now see more sustainable baby clothes brands allowing their customers to sell back baby clothes in the U.S.

However, we don’t see Australian brands with sell-back opportunities just yet; we see several consignment programs in Australia. You can sell back your baby clothes too in good condition.

Selling back outgrown baby clothes makes perfect sense for numerous reasons indeed. Keep reading to learn about three sell back baby clothes opportunities in Australia.

Why does sell back baby clothes programs make sense?

Babies grow so very quickly; it can easily happen that baby had outgrown an outfit before the baby had the chance to wear the garments. So it is no wonder why babies grow so extremely quickly indeed.

It may even happen that you didn’t have a chance to fit a baby outfit because your baby had outgrown it before you had a chance to put it on. (Yes, this did happen to me too).

With the current trends on sustainable lifestyle trends, brands offering products and services with higher sustainable values. However, as baby clothes are only used for such a short period, there is lots of improvement to increase this garment’s sustainable value.

 Sell back baby clothes-Baby laying on back wearing cute knitted outfit.
Sell back baby clothes -Baby laying on back wearing a cute knitted outfit.

Selling back baby clothes not only saves you money but also supports cutting down on the overproduction of baby clothes as well.

Did you know that the textile industry is the second biggest polluter worldwide? So making more sustainable choices such as renting baby clothes or selling them back to enjoy for another baby to enjoy is very beneficial for the baby and environment and a gentle choice for your wallet.

However, Australia’s dynamic of selling and purchasing preloved baby clothes is a little different than the U.S; Australia has some excellent structured sites too that are buying and selling preloved baby clothes for kids and babies and word checking out.

Let’s have a look at 3 interesting consignment programs in Australia you can participate with. Shall we?

1)Selling with Jumping Jack.

Jumping Jack is a website run by a Melbourne mum who is passionate to contribute towards a more sustainable future for her children with the service provided through Jumping Jack.

Jumping jack provides quality pre-loved baby, child and maternity products for sale, and their mission is to support you to be an environmentally sustainable shopper. On this pre-loved platform, your experience is not limited to be a sustainable consumer, but you could potentially make some $$ as well.

Sell back baby clothes-Baby wearing blue and brown winter outfit.
Sell back baby clothes-Baby wearing blue and brown winter outfits.

When you have good quality baby clothes idle on your shelves, you could choose to turn them into cash by offering them for sale through the platform of Jumping Jack.

You have 2 choices to become a seller at Jumping Jacks.

Option 1- Sell your own baby clothes with Jumping Jack

When you don’t mind doing the work and having a few good quality products to sell, you could choose to sell your own products. Selling your own products will give you 85% of your sale price, which is pretty good. (Alternatively, there is also a choice to donate the money towards a sustainable charity project).

When you choose to sell your own, you will need to make the photo’s, descriptions and communicate with potential buyers.

Option 2Send a clean out bag to Jumping jack

When you have quite a few good quality items to sell, but you have no chance to take photo’s, write descriptions and reply to potential buyers, you could choose for the convenience of sending a cleanout bag to the Jumping jack.

If you choose to sell your pre-loved items by sending a cleanout bag, the jumping Jack will do all the work for you, and you still receive 55% of the sale price for your sold items which is really good compared to some of the other programs. However, before you can send your cleanout bag to Jumping Jack, you need to fill out an online form. Also, the clothes have to meet a criterium to qualify for listing.

Sell back baby clothes-Swimming shirt with short sleeves and pink flamingo's and a pair of sunglasses as well.
Sell back baby clothes-Swimming shirt with short sleeves and pink flamingo’s and a pair of sunglasses as well.

Clothes sold through the cleanout bag program have to meet the quality guidelines, and only new and excellent condition products are accepted.

Buying form jumping Jack

Just a short mention for those interested in purchasing pre-loved items from Jumping Jack, they offer free shipping over $60- from the jumping Jack clean out the collection. The charge of shipping cost under $60- is calculated at $9,20 in my case, which is quite reasonable compared to other services. However, it shouldn’t be hard to spend $60- and enjoy free shopping. (This is when you purchase items from the same seller))

2)Second Childhood

Second childhood is another Australian site with awesome opportunities to buy unique pre-loved baby and kids clothes in great condition. Second Childhood is based in Melbourne and is a specialist to find used designer baby and children clothes in great condition, and they offer free shipping if you purchase over $150-.

When purchasing under $150,- check your shipping cost, though as I got a $12- shipping fee when I tried to order under the 150 for a single item. Second childhood not only has pre-loved baby clothes for sale but is word checking out to sell idle items in a good used condition as well.

Sell back baby clothes-Baby wearing cute pink outfit.
Sell back baby clothes-Baby wearing a cute pink outfit.

Do you have outgrown designer baby and kids clothes in great condition idle around?

You could choose to turn your items into cash and with Second Childhood consignment opportunities, and you will get compensated with 40% from the successful sale amount of your selling items. The compensation of 40% is slightly lower than Jumping Jack, who compensates you with 55% for a similar service.

Consignment policies guidelines

As with all consignment programs, your items have to align with the site’s policies and guidelines when selling with Second Childhood. Some of these standards include but are not limited to the great condition of the items. Also, all garments have to be washed, clean and ironed and not older than 2 years.

If you are interested in selling with Second Childhood, you can use the form on their website to know what items you have to sell.

While you can choose to do the selling process yourself with Jumping Jack, Second Childhood don’t have this option, and they will decide the price and descriptions of your items and manage the whole selling process for you.

Are you interested to learn more about selling or buying with Second Childhood? Use the orange button below to learn more.

“In Australia, there are multiple consignment programs you can participate with. If you have quality items in excellent condition at home, you can choose to list some of your items and turn idle baby clothes into cash.”

3) Selling opportunities with Use-Ta

Believe it or not, but the third and last business we share with you today is established in Melbourne as well. However, your previous two options to sell back baby clothes are online shops only; Use-Ta has an online shop but a physical shop in Melbourne, Victoria.

The consignment program of Use-Ta is very similar to those of Second Childhood. Both shops manage the sales themselves, and both shops pay you 40% of your items’ final sale price.

There are differences between the programs, such as the length of time items are kept for sale before discounting them. In comparison, Use-Ta seems to focus on a quick turnover with a six-week time frame before discounting the items. On the other hand, Second childhood has a six-month time frame before they start discounting your items.

Use-Ta has an extended list of brands they love to sell in their program, but brands are not accepted.

Sell back baby clothes-Baby clothing set including little green shoes.
Sell back baby clothes-Baby clothing set including little green shoes.

If you are interested in purchasing items from Use-Ta, have, they have a flat shipping rate of $7,95 and free shipping over $100, which is not bad.

When you are interested in selling with Use-Ta, you can make an appointment to visit the shop with a maximum of 50 items per appointment. Use-Ta will select the items they love and know they can sell well.

If you prefer to post your consignment, the company asks you to let them know when you expect that the parcel will arrive and keep all the consignment items’ tracking info.

Are you interested in checking out Use-Ta services in Melbourne? Use the green button below to check to learn more about this innovative business.

Sell back baby clothes of the U.S VS Australia?

However, the dynamic of selling back baby clothes opportunities are different in Australia than in the U.S sell back programs. Australia still has alternative sustainable choices for parents interested in more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Please find an overview below that briefly explains the biggest difference between Australian and U.S sell back baby clothes opportunities in an overview below.

Sell back baby clothes-Baby sitting on the floor wearing super cute green outfit.
Sell back baby clothes-Baby sitting on the floor wearing a super cute green outfit.

The U.S sell back structure

Several sustainable U.S brands offer their costumers a sell back opportunity of the garments they purchase, so they don’t have to worry what to do with the garments their baby has outgrown.

Some U.S brands even allow stains to completely take the hassle out of the parents’ hands and offer them a free sustainable service.

The U.S also has exciting opportunities with the services up choose offers for their customers. By Upchoose, you can choose to either buy or rent complete new or pre-loved organic baby clothes bundles.

You can sell back the baby clothes after your baby has outgrown the size. So Upchoose has a pretty exciting, sustainable and innovative opportunity to make sustainable organic baby clothes affordable and accessible for a broader audience. But, of course, Upchoose wouldn’t exist without the support of a group of passionate mums.

Final thoughts on Australian sell back opportunities

We don’t see sell back opportunities with sustainable Australian brands like we see in the U.S just yet. Still, there are some great alternatives you can participate with, though.

Some innovative Melbourne based businesses have set up online pre-loved baby shops where pre-loved designer garments for your baby and child are accessible for an affordable price. So not only you can find here some great bargains and save yourself some dollars, but at the same time, it allows you to be a more sustainable shopper as well.

All three selected businesses in this article have the opportunity to sell baby clothes too with a consignment program. Each program has individual guidelines to participate in, but the garments must be in great condition to be accepted for all programs.

Hands down, Jumping Jack, has the most advanced programs as they give you a choice to either manage the sales yourself or leave it up to Jumping Jack to sell the items for you. Jumping Jack also has the highest compensation rewards for your sold items with 85% if you choose to sell yourself and 55% if you let Jumping Jack do the work for you, which is the most beneficial deal out of these 3 options.

I hope this article has been helpful for you, and please leave us any comments or feedback below. Also, have you used one of these services just yet, or have any other suggestions regarding sustainable shopping for baby and kids clothes?


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