Unique Sell Back Baby Clothes Programs in the U.S

Sell back baby clothes-Pregnant women holding a white baby suit.
Sell back baby clothes-Pregnant women holding a white baby suit.

Sustainable lifestyle trends keep increasing in popularity, and we now see more sustainable baby clothes brands extending their traditional services. Several high-quality brands are no longer limited their services to selling new garments only. Still, they offer additional sustainable services, such as sell-back baby clothes programs.

This article focuses on selling back baby clothes opportunities in the U.S. only. However, we will publish the second version soon, focusing on innovative Australian opportunities to sell back programs.

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Why does selling back your baby clothes make sense?

The idea of selling back your ‘used’ baby clothes is to sell them back to the retailer you purchased from after your baby has outgrown its size. Baby clothing brands selling durable baby clothes, such as organic baby clothes, earned this new user model.

Returned baby clothes in excellent or new condition are sold to a new family and used until they are at the end of their lifecycle. So not only can you save yourself some dollars using the sell-back programs, but these services also have great potential to cut down on overproduction and keep baby clothes out of landfills for an extended period.

As we all know, babies grow super quickly and outgrow their garments after wearing them a couple of times and keep them in as good as new condition, especially when garments are of high quality, like organic garments. Sometimes, garments have not been worn before the baby can wear an outfit, as the first few weeks, newborn babies grow in the blink of an eye.

As baby clothes are used for such a short period only, most of the time, there is plenty of wear to enjoy for another baby. A trend we are seeing by most brands now is the opportunity to sell back the baby clothes purchased in return for compensation.

How does selling back baby clothes work?

Sell back baby clothes-Sleeping baby in under a comfy warm blanket and fluffy white pillow.
Sleeping baby under a comfy warm blanket and fluffy white pillow.

More and more baby shops are offering a sell-back baby clothes program. Here is how it works in a nutshell.

After your baby has outgrown the current size, you can send the items back to the shop you have purchased the items from. Every shop will have different guidelines to meet to participate in the send-back programs. You will need to check the in-vidual brands to learn what conditions the baby clothes need to be in.

Some brands may only allow sending back the brand you purchased from the shop, while others may also accept different brands. When different brands are exec ed, it likely has to be high-quality garments, though like other organic brands. However, the individual program will inform you about those details.

It is very different from how every retailer will manage their sell-back program. Still, they all aim to promote sustainability by consuming less and keeping garments out of landfill.

When searching for baby brands with a sell-back program, you will see that most brands running those programs and organic brands value sustainability and have a high sustainable focus all across their brand.

I am selling back baby clothes in the U.S.

Shall we look at some sell-back baby clothes opportunities in the U.S.? Okay, let’s check out some unique and innovative business models that are taking the lead in this new trend.

‘Selling back your babies’ outgrown garments makes your investment in buying sustainable garments a lot more affordable. Alternatively, you could consider renting durable baby clothes or buying pre-Love baby clothes from a highly sustainable brand, which is also more affordable.”

1) Little Lentil

Little Lentil is another Organic U.S. brand passionate about sustainability and has set up a send-back baby clothes program for its audience. When you choose to send back the outgrown Little Lentil baby clothes, they reward you with 20% off your next purchase.

Little lentils except baby clothes in their sell-back program in all conditions, which is pretty awesome and a generous gesture; if garments are at the end of their useful life, they will be sent to not-for-profit organisations for recycling and reusing.

But if the clothes are still in excellent condition, they get adequately cleaned to enjoy the next baby. Thus, little lentils’ main goals are contributing to reducing overproduction.

You can send the baby clothes back for free using the poly mailer bag you have received the baby clothes in. You need a pre-paid return label to send the used baby clothes back. Once Little Lentil has received the baby clothes, you will receive an email with a code to receive 20% off on your next order.

2)Selling back opportunities from Upchoose

I want to mention another pretty awesome business in the U.S. with an innovative consuming model and a highly sustainable focus. Perhaps you have heard of Upchoose before, but they have a unique consuming model where you can purchase or rent complete organic baby clothes bundles per size for those who didn’t. It is pretty inspiring what they achieve within their sustainable mission indeed.

Choose makes sustainable choices much easier with the complete bundles you can purchase, making wearing organic baby clothes more affordable and accessible for a broader audience.

Unique with Upchoose is that you can purchase baby clothes bundles and choose to rent baby clothes as well. It doesn’t matter if you buy or rent the baby clothes bundles; you can send them back when your baby has outgrown the r size. When you have chosen to rent baby clothes but change your mind and like to keep the beloved garments, you can still decide to buy and maintain the items.

Imagine the reduced clutter of your wardrobes if you could easily send the baby clothes’ back whenever they have outgrown the size instead of laying them on a shelf to clutter your cupboard. Upchoose accepts a few high-quality organic brands to sell before, but contacting them before sending the garments back is necessary.

Final thoughts on Selling back baby clothes

Sell back baby clothes-Baby sleeping comfortable on soft blankets.
Baby sleeping comfortably on soft blankets.

Well, the sell-back programs run in the U.S. are pretty exciting and set up in a user-friendly way. It makes so much sense to use high-quality baby clothes, either new or pre-loved, which you can return when your baby has its size.

However, we have not seen Australian brands setting up user-friendly sell-back programs like the U.S.; there are multiple consignment programs you can participate in to sell your pre-loved baby clothes and turn them into cash.

Hopefully, renting and selling back baby clothes will soon become the new ‘normal’. The overproduction of baby clothes could be cut down and kept out of landfills for an extended period.

I feel confident that sustainable lifestyle trends keep increasing, and the number of families interested in these tremendous sustainable programs keeps growing rapidly. One of the most important tasks may be spreading the word and showing people the opportunities to participate. Hen e, parents are aware these great opportunities exist.

Have you used sustainable businesses like these before, and do you know of any other great opportunities to sell back baby clothes programs?

We hope this information was helpful to you, and we look forward to your thoughts.


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  1. Thanks for the informative post! I must say the sell back services are exciting to know. I wonder how many dollars have been wasted by mothers who have no idea of this program. As part of how to remain prudent and moderate spending, selling back used baby clothes is a good idea that every mother should opt for whenever their babies are done using those clothes. Thanks.


    • Hi Joys, thanks for your comment. Yes, the sell-back programs are great developments. The trend on sustainable lifestyle is more popular than ever, sell back baby clothes programs will increase popularity, and more new mums will hopefully hear about these great opportunities.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion with us, we appreciate it,


    • Hi Joyce, yes, we are hoping to spread the word about these sustainable services who, as you said, can save much money and help tremendously with the ongoing environmental issues in the textile industry.
      It is exciting these innovative sustainable businesses are increasingly offering more sustainable services perfect to align with sustainable lifestyle trends.

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      Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today, we appreciate it.

  2. I love the idea of this!  My daughter has been a clothes “recycler” for years.  She buys quality items for her children and then resells them after the children have grown out of them.  It’s nice to see these two companies jump on the bandwagon.  Let’s hope it will encourage other companies to do the same!

    • Hi Cynthia, thanks for sharing your experience with recycling clothing with us today. That is a great idea what your daughter does and very popular at the moment indeed. Hopefully, more people will get into these trends of selling back clothing and choosing pre-loved durable items. This could really reduce garments ending up on landfill after a short period of time plus it good for the wallet.



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