Why do Kids wear Organic Clothing?

So why do parents choose to dress their children in organic clothing? Is it better? Is there a significant difference compared to conventional clothing?

Organic clothing is one of the most popular dressing styles in today’s society for babies and children. And this trend has been around for a while now and appears to continue increasing in popularity.

But why do so many parents join the trend of dressing their children in organic clothing?

Why do Kids wear Organic clothing?

There are various reasons why organic clothing for babies and kids has become such a popular dressing style for many families, with the most common motivations including minimizing chemical exposure to young children and babies by wearing clothes free of harmful substances and the preference for shopping for more eco-friendly and sustainable.

What is organic Kids’ clothing?

Organic kid’s clothing is clothing that is made from natural fibres that are grown without the use of harmful chemicals.

Most commonly, cotton fabric is used to craft organic kids’ clothing.

While some kid’s clothing is made from organic and non-organic fibres, it can be unclear how many organic fibres are used sometimes.

Other brands make organic cotton clothing that uses higher percentages of organic fibres and is certified with organic standards. These are easier ways to find genuine organic kids’ clothing brands.

How do you know brands use 100% organic cotton?

Looking for organic baby or kids’ clothing can be confusing and sometimes misleading.

As a rule of thumb, you can remember that clothing labelled ‘made with organic cotton, is made with a certain percentage of organic fibre. Yet, it is hard to tell how much are how little organic fibre is used to make the clothing.

You will also find brands labelled as 100% organic that use a high percentage of organic cotton for their clothing, and you will see that often these brands are also certified with an organic standard.

What are the most common certifications used for organic clothing?

The Global organic textile standard (G.O.T.S) is one of the leading and most commonly used labels for organic clothing.

The G.O.T.S standard is respected and recognized worldwide and covers a wide range of socially responsible standards, which can give great peace of mind to families that are conscious consumers.

The G.O.T.S certified products are made by meeting a range of ethical and environmentally respectful standards and are a more trusted, tested safe organic product.

Is G.O.T.S organic kids’ clothes better?

Even though many brands use G.O.T.S certifications, which is very helpful in finding genuine organic kids’ clothes, there are still many differences in quality, uniqueness, price and design amongst G.O.T.S certified clothes.

Quite a few brands that have jumped into the sustainable lifestyle trends have launched affordable G.O.T.S organic collections in addition to the initial collections.

However trusted, tested, and organic, the more affordable organic brands often have more basic designs. And sometimes sell their clothing also in bundles.

However great to find affordable organic clothing, the more affordable brands may not be as unique and buttery soft as the more expensive organic brands that use G.O.T.S.

What brands are most affordable for G.O.T.S-certified kids’ clothes?

Some of the most affordable brands that have G.O.T.S-certified baby clotheslines include the following:

Lamaze– However simple designs, Lamaze is available on Amazon have an excellent range of genuine G.O.T.S certified baby clothing. Lamaze is a non-profit known for supporting women through pregnancy and the early months of life and can be worth checking out as an affordable option.

Little Planet by Carter’s– Little Planet by Carter’s is Carter’s affordable organic line and G.O.T.S certified. Little Planet has individual pieces that are a bit more dressy yet a bit more expensive, but also bundles that are mostly more basic yet very affordable and can be incredible for your baby’s essential wardrobe.

Which brands are some of the most luxurious G.O.T.S-certified baby clothes brands?

There are quite a few G.O.T.S certified brands that are a bit more expensive but unique in design and prints, such as coloured organics or Monica and Andy.

Yet, when looking for the most luxurious G.O.T.S organic baby clothes brands, a few brands stand out from the rest by using the most available luxurious cotton worldwide, resulting in the highest, most durable, yet softest quality.

Pip Pea Pop- Pip Pea Pop is not unique in their design and custom-made services of their G.O.T.S organic baby clothing. Still, they are also using one of the highest quality long-staple cotton in the world, Pima cotton, which could be an excellent go-to for tall, unique, high-quality personalized gifts.

Under the Nile– Under The Nile has to be the most luxurious option representing suprieur quality and the purest form of organic clothing that uses G.O.T.S certified Authentic Egyptian cotton grown on a biodynamic farm.

Under the Nile is the only baby clothing brand worldwide certified with the golden seal using Authentic Egyptian organic cotton.

Final thoughts for kids wearing organic clothing

Dressing kids in organic clothing is a preferred dressing style by many families across the globe. Especially families who prefer to consume more sustainably choose more durable products that put less strain on the environment.

Minimizing chemical exposure to babies and children is a significant reason families choose to dress babies and children in organic clothing.

And even though the most luxurious brands can be costly, renting organic baby clothes through subscriptions is another trend that makes a lot of sense and is a more affordable way to access some of the most expensive luxurious organic brands.

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