Where are Under the Nile toys made?

However, the sustainable baby brand Under the Nile is based in the U.S.A; they’re sustainably made babywear and toys are all crafted abroad; hence, the key features of Under the Nile products maintain high ethical standards and are socially responsible safer for the environment and your baby.

Where are Under the Nile baby toys made?-Toddler sitting on the floor with soft toys.
Where are Under the Nile baby toys made?-Toddler sitting on the floor with soft toys.

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Where are Under the Nile toys Made?

Did you know that the trends setter of G.O.T.S certified baby clothes Under the Nile also craft certified organic toys for babies? While Under the Nile is based in the U.S, their toys are made in a fairtrade facility in Egypt, and not only G.O.T.S certified but also uniquely certified with a Gold seal certificate.

How are Under the Nile baby toys made?

Under the Nile, baby toys are made in Egypt in a fair trade facility. In addition, the cotton used to craft the toys is uniquely grown on biodynamic farming that is 100% self-sustainable.

Under the Nile, toys are crafted using only low impact dyes and free of any harmful substances. To back up these sustainable claims, certifications with independent labels can give you peace of mind.

Did you know that the well-known baby brands Under the Nile has all their products certified organic?

Under the Nile baby, toys are G.O.T.S certified, ensuring parents and babies are genuinely organic. But also, the environment benefits from friendlier choices such as using less water for manufacturing products and using low impact dyes only.

Whatever toy you pick out of the collection of Under the Nile, they have all one thing in common. They are made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton certified with G.O.T.S and Gold seal as well.

Why G.O.T.S certifacions matter…

G.O.T.S certified products are definitely seen increasingly, especially in baby clothes. However, other products made from organic textiles can provide certifications, too, including baby toys made from organic fibres.

G.O.T.S certification can be trusted and can give you peace of mind the essentials for your baby are actually safe and free of harmful substances.

You can check out the video below to learn a little more about G.O.T.S certifications and the benefits to select products and brands that are certified organic like Under the Nile.

Video about G.O.T.S certification.

Did you know that Under the Nile were the first company to have all products certified with the stringent guidelines of the G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standards)?

What type of baby toys can you find at Under the Nile?

Under the Nile has a variety of colourful soft toys for your baby that are not only fun but safer than many other available choices on the market as well.

Some of the adorable toys you can find by Under the Nile include teething toys, soft dolls, stuffed toys and snuggle animals and fruits and cuddly buttery soft lovey’s.

Are the stuffed toys made from 100% organic cotton?

Yes, all toys of Under the Nile is ethically made from 100% G.O.T.S certified Authentic Egyptian organic cotton.

Are Under the Nile baby soft?

Where are Under the Nile baby toys made?-Hand full of white soft cotton.
Where are Under the Nile baby toys made?-Handfull of white soft cotton.

Only 1 per cent of the cotton grown across the globe is Authentic Egyptian cotton featuring long fibres grown in the best environment to give you the softest cotton possible.

The Authentic Egyptian cotton by Under the Nile has long fibres that keep its purity during biodynamic farming, which gives you the purest, softest organic cotton product possible.

What are the famous Under the Nile Scrappy Buddy’s?

Under the Nile Organic cotton Scrappy dog.
Under the Nile Organic cotton Scrappy dog.

The most well-known baby toys of Under the Nile are the Scrappy stuffed animal’s collection that is soft and eco-friendly upcycled from 100% organic cotton of Under the Nile clothing manufacturing.

Scrappy toys are quirky, fun and colourful and available in a wide collection and these sustainable soft friends make the most unique non-toxic baby gift to your loved one or of course for your own little one.

Where to buy Under the Nile toys?

The luxurious Egyptian cotton made toys of Under the Nile has the most generous collection available in the U.S. and if you are chasing a specific toy this might be the best place you can find the favourite cuddle bunny or sleeping doll for your little one; hence Under the Nile is available internationally now as well but the selection might be limited though.

What other country does Under the Nile ship to?

Under the Nile does now offer international shipping to a handful of countries across the globe including the U.K, Canada, Hongkong, India and Australia.

As for Australia, you can also check out Under the Nile toys availability offered on some shopping platforms locally. You can learn more about the availability on the link underneath.

Final thoughts for the Manufacturing of Under the Nile baby clothes?

U.S based company Under the Nile’s toys are ethically made in a facility in Egypt. They are now available internationally as well their unique babywear line which is leading quality on the market. Hence, double-check potential importing taxes when you are unsure when ordering products abroad without local customs.

For sustainably made colourful, quirky toys, Under the Nile is your go-to place to check out unique fair trade baby gifts such as organic babywear and 100% organic, safe toys for your baby to enjoy.

Did you check out Under the Nile’s unique toy collection?

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