Where are Lamaze baby clothes made?

Have you come across the brand Lamaze while looking for organic baby clothes? If you did, you probably have noticed the low price tags and may wonder how and where Lamaze baby clothes are made to be able to offer bargain pricing as they do?

Are Lamaze baby clothes Eco-friendly and ethically made?

Where are Lamaze baby clothes made?-Smiling baby with pink garment.
Where are Lamaze baby clothes made?-Smiling baby wearing a pink garment.

To help you determine these affordable organics are worth considering for your little person and align with your family’s lifestyle goals, we like to chat on some facts about Lamaze garments to help you decide these organic are worth considering for you.

What is Lamaze?

Perhaps you are familiar with Lamaze international, but for those who are not, they are a non for profit organisation that promotes a healthy and natural, safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting during the early years.

Additionally, you can find a range of products to promote natural parenting at Lamaze international, including toys, books, maternity apparel and organic infant apparel, which is where we like to talk a little more of today.

When did Lamaze launch their baby clothes brand?

Lamaze international was launched in 1960 and is based in Washington D.C.; hence their apparel line later in 2015.

You can find the popular organic apparel line of Lamaze at multiple locations in including Amazon, Target, BuyBuy Baby and Walmart; hence manufacturing of Lamaze their infant clothes is done abroad with the services of one of the biggest infant apparel manufacturers globally named Kitex.

What is Kitex?

Kitex Garments was launched in 1995 and is one of the most prominent players in infant manufacturing.

You can find Kitex’s factory in Kochi, India, and they have an Oeko-tex and G.O.T.S licence that back up their sustainable claim and ethical standard.

Additionally to Lamaze baby clothes, Kitex also has a second brand called Little star, launched in 2016 exclusively for Walmart. Furthermore, Kitex manufacture garments from other major brands, including Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh.

Where are Lamaze Baby Clothes Made?

Where are Lamaze baby clothes made?-Sewing factory.
Where are Lamaze baby clothes made?-Sewing factory.

The Kitex factory where Lamaze baby clothes are made is situated in Kerala near Koach in India. The factory where the baby apparel is made has G.O.T.S and Oeko-Tex 100 certifications for their facility. Fair work and socially responsible practices are covered across these two independent standards.

Also, the environments where the baby apparel of Lamaze is made have several sewing units available to use for locally employed mothers. The units are close by mothers and have the chance to take a break to nurse their babies quickly.

Is Lamaze baby clothes actually good?

Lamaze baby clothes are getting above 4.5 out of 5-star ratings and even deserve the Climate pledge choice and Amazon’s choice on some of their products, such as the five-pack short-sleeved bodysuits, which are impressive results anyone would be happy taking on.

Not only is Lamaze super affordable and made it into our top 3 most affordable organic baby clothes brands available in the U.S.A, but these organic baby clothes are also the real deal made from soft, certified organic cotton and other than available in the U.S.A also available across in other corners of the globe sold in Europe and Australia.

Is Lamaze made from 100% certified organic cotton?

Yes, Lamaze organics are made from 100% G.O.T.S certified organic cotton, which is pretty much as good as it will get. Brands like Lamaze can offer their organic baby apparel for such low pricing while giving customers certified organic clothing contributes to Lamaze’s primary goal.

What is the Primary Goal of Lamaze Organics.

Lamaze aims to set a new norm for eco-friendly and ethically made for an affordable price for babywearing. They are on their way to reaching these sustainable goals that dressing babies sustainability is no longer a trend but the new mainstream instead.

Final thoughts on manufacturing of Lamaze baby clothes

Lamaze’s organic baby clothes are not locally made in Washington but crafted in India by their parent company Kitex. The facility of Kitex where Lamaze baby clothes are made is an Oeko-tex certified facility and G.O.T.S certified.

Did you try Lamaze baby clothes?

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