Where are Finn and Emma’s clothes made?

Finn and Emma’s company is based in the U.S, and you can recognise their clothing, toys and baby gear by the well-made premium quality that is exclusively made from 100% organic cotton.

Like Finn and Emma, there are a handful of other brands where you can find premium organic baby clothes, yet in most cases, the organic baby clothes are not made in the U.S.A.

Is Finn and Emma’s organic baby clothes made in the U.S.A?

Where are Finn and Emma’s clothes made?

However, Finn and Emma are based in the U.S.A, their baby and kids’ clothes are made in India. Hence, due to disruptions in their supply chain from the pandemic, temporary changes in manufacturing locations could be different.

Howe are Finn and Emma clothes made?

As you may know, Finn and Emma is a premium organic brand, and together with a few other brands, you can find here the creme the la creme of organic cotton babywear.

Typically you will find unique patterns and G.O.T.S certified cotton by Premium organic brands like Finn and Emma. Some of the most luxurious organic baby brands even use biodynamic Authentic Egyptian organic cotton, which is rare.

Why do most premium organic brands use G.O.T.S certified cotton?

For those unfamiliar with G.O.T.S, this is the most respected organic standard globally. For the most trustworthy organic for your baby, it can be straightforward to check for baby brands that specify they use 100% G.O.T.S cotton.

If baby clothes like Finn and Emma’s state they are made with 100% G.O.T.S cotton, you will likely see also specified in the product description that only low toxic dyes and nickel-free snaps are used.

Are Finn and Emma’s baby clothes made ethically?

As mentioned before, Finn + Emma typically manufacture their organic baby clothes collections in India. Yet, some changes to their regular supply chain were necessary due to the pandemic, and some of their stock may now include made in U.S.A items.

Baby clothes that are made from 100% certified G.O.T.S cotton not only ensure you for genuine organic products made from cotton grown on certified organic farms. But G.O.T.S standards also cover a variety of ethical standards such as transparent supply chains to ensure the avoidance of unethical work practices such as child labour.

But also indicate some measures are taken for ethical manufacturing of fabric products an indicator of the ethical standards of products as 100% G.O.T.S certified organic baby clothes have to meet many criteria of how the clothing is manufactured to minimise the impact of clothing manufacturing on the environment as well.

Some of the guidelines is a water waste plan to manage wastewater from the products, a transparent supply chain, a safe workplace for workers.

Are any organic baby clothes made in the U.S.A?

Most organic baby clothes brands are designed in the U.S but manufactured abroad, mostly infrequently used in countries like India. Yet, some brands have committed to crafting their collections exclusively in the U.S.

However, overall, it will be more costly to realise local manufacturing of organic baby clothes in the U.S. You will mostly pay slightly higher prices than competitors that manufacture abroad. Yet, you could check these brands out if you value buying locally made organic baby clothes.

Final thoughts for where are Finn and Emma baby clothes made?

Like most brands, Finn + Emma manufacture their organic baby clothes collections in India. Yet, during the pandemic, some adjustments had to be made for their regular supply chains, and you could come across stock made in the U.S temporary, which could be slightly different, yet still 100% organic.

Finn and Emma stand for heirloom quality that is generously sized and made to last and is together with a handful of other brands one of the leading premium organic baby clothes brands in the U.S.

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