Where are Ecoriginals made?

Where are Ecoriginals made? Ecorginals are one of the leading eco-friendly nappy brands selling made from more biodegradable materials and less plastic and toxins. But do they make their products locally in Australia, or are they made abroad?

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Where are Ecoriginals made?

Where are Ecoriginals made?-Ecorignals logo.

All Ecoriginals nappies are made with premium and responsibly sourced materials from Japan, China and the United States and manufactured in China in an ISO certified factory.

Hence Ecoriginals is working very hard and is passionate about bringing manufacturing closer to home in New Zealand, where their eco-friendly wipes are made already by a manufacturer that operates exclusively on renewable energy.

Why are Ecorignal nappies made abroad?

The 90% biodegradable nappies from Ecoriginals are made in China at this stage, but behind the stage, this eco-friendly nappy brand works hard to bring the manufacturing closer to home.

The ingredients of Ecorignals include non-GMO corns starch, FSC-certified wood pulp and cotton and tissue paper sourced from Amerika, Japan and China and leading the market with 90% biodegradable nappies aiming to be plastic-free in 2025.

Where are Ecoriginals made?-Ecoriginals logo.
Ecoriginals logo.

However, Ecoriginals aims to bring manufacturing closer to home soon; no machinery is available to manufacture their inventive premium nappies outside China.

Are there any Australian made nappies on the market?

However, NOT an eco nappy, there are a few options for locally-made nappies in Australia, such as Mater nappies (except their size o) developed by midwives.

But also Woolworths own nappy brand, Little one’s, has moved the local manufacturing in Australia sizes Newborn, Infant, and Junior.

In contrast, the sizes crawler, walker, and toddler are yet to follow but are scheduled to be made locally soon.

Hopefully, Eco brands like Ecorignals are able t follow the trends mentioned before soon to manufacture nappies locally, having the opportunity to access machinery closer to home that can manufacture their innovative eco nappies.

Finals thoughts on the manufacturing of Ecoriginals

Ecoriginals maybe only be halfway there to local manufacturing. However, the passion of this eco brand is transparent, and its mission is clear. We are following Ecoringals new to follow the progress moving their nappy manufacturing to the facility already used for their eco-friendly wipes in Newzealand running exclusively on renewable energy.

It is no surprise that many families would love to see Ecorignals and other Aussie eco brands moving their Manufacturing to Australia. We will keep you updated on the progress.

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