What’s Jamie kay?-Are these cute baby clothes worth it?

What’s Jamie Kay? You may have seen ads from Jamie Kay popping up on your social media and wonder if Jamie baby clothes are worth trying?

What's Jamie Kay?-Baby wearing brown bodysuit and white socks.
What’s Jamie Kay?-Babywearing brown bodysuit and white socks.

Let’s put it out there; you may agree that the cute, dressed up babies in Jamie Kay’s ads are adorable, and it is understandable why this New Zealand brand has quite a strong following.

Today, we like to check-in and share some unique Jamie Kay’s features to learn more about these cute baby clothes.

Is Jamie Kay worth it? Let’s find out…

Who owns Jamie Kay?

Jamie Fridd is the founder of the New Zealand children wear brand lounged in 2013. Jamie’s inspiration originated from her own experience of not finding her second born child a gorgeous blanket.

A year later, the gorgeous designed blanket by Jamie Kay was sold to many other mums in need to find beautiful essentials for their little ones.

What type of garments does Jamie Kay sell?

Jamie Kay sells gorgeous blankets and a variety of children’s apparel crafted from various fabrics. Some of Jamie Kay’s designs include organic bodysuits, vintage-style thighs, frill socks, knitwear apparel like cable cardigan’s, and a small collection of summer and winter pj’s crafted from organic cotton.

Words coming to mind to describe Jamie Kay’s outfits’ would be vintage, minimalistic and elegant and these timeless designs are understandably a popular choice amongst many families.

Does Jamie Kay create girls clothes only?

What's Jamie Kay?-Multiple baby bodysuits hanging tidy on coat hangers.
What’s Jamie Kay?-Multiple baby bodysuits hanging tidy on coat hangers.

You will see that Jamie Kay is your go-to brand for vintage style flowery dresses and elegant frill tops, but also a variety of gender-neutral outfits. Still, if you are chasing dinosaur or race car print for your little people’s clothing, you probably won’t be in luck at Jamie Kay.

What sizes does Jamie kay stock?

You can find cute Jamie Kay’s designs for your baby but also for an elderly sibling. While some outfits go up to size 5, other designs are available up to size 3.

Where is Jamie Kay manufactured?

Jamie Kay is a New Zealand brand but manufactured in India and China at facilities where Oeko-tex dyes are friendlier for the environment and safer for babies’.

All brands are going to have a following with an audience who like or dislike their products. Surely you can’t please all, but we have to say we have never seen many mixed opinions about a brand as with Jamie Kay.

Is Jamie Kay Eco-Friendly?

While some of Jamie’s Kay apparel is made from certified organic cotton, you will find that also other materials are used for their designs, including Modal, elastane, polyester, and non-organic cotton.

Did you hear of Modal before?

Modal is one of the fabrics considered ‘eco-friendly’. Still, when you start reading into this fibre that is bio-based and made from beech trees, you will quickly learn it highly depends on many different factors of Modal is really eco-friendly. So don’t be fooled if you see a garment labelled as Modal to think it is automatically sustainable.

Jamie Kay does state that all dyes they use to colour their apparel are Oeko- tex certified, which significantly helps reducing common pollution issues we see in the textile industry; still, it is only one factor in regards to delivering ethically designed apparel, and G.O.T.S covers a lot more in their label in regards of being socially responsible.

Is Jamie Kay Ethical?

If you value buying more sustainable and eco-friendly products that are ethically made, the easiest way is buying from transparent brands that are certified with an independent eco-label such as G.O.T.S(global organic Textile standard), as it can be tough to judge by yourself how sustainable a brand is with the limited information often exposed to the public. G.O.T.S covers multiple socially responsible issues that the fabric industry faces and ensures high ethical standards are met.

What's Jamie Kay?-White cotton balls on the plant.
What’s Jamie Kay?-White cotton balls on the plant.

Jamie Kay describes that the all-organic essentials in their collections are made from certified G.O.T.S cotton. But keep in mind that Jamie Kay’s collection doesn’t contain organic apparel only and is not exclusively organic like Burt Bees or Finn & Emma is.

Is Jamie Kay good quality?

Some believe Jamie Kay is a cult, and their claim for high quality is overrated. Still, Jamie Kay has a strong following of people who LOVE the brand, and Jamie Kay is the only apparel they buy for their clothing.

Perhaps it has to do with different expectations we have from the quality that made one customer happy and another disappointed, or perhaps their quality is inconsistent.

Quite a few others say the quality of Jamie Kay has changed over the last couple of years and consider Jamie Kay now more as an expensive fast fashion who push out new designs frequently to try to get people to buy more of their limited collection followed by another sale to make place for more stock which is not really in line for a brand who market their brand as sustainable.

Where does Jamie kay ships to?

Jamie kay ships its products across the globe and is an internationally recognised brand.

Is Jamie Kay worth it?

Without going into much detail, not everyone is impressed with Jamie kay’s supposedly high-end quality products. Still, Jamie Kay’s loyal followers have nothing other than amazing to say about this children’s clothing brand and would recommend it, and Jamie Kay’s followers are convinced their cute baby clothes are worth it.

Still, many customers have experienced changes in Jamie kay’s quality over the last couple of years and find their quality underwhelming now and have moved on to other brands.

Final thoughts of Jamie Kay

The vintage designs of the prominently female brand Jamie Kays are adorable. The unique style of this New Zealand brand appears to have a large following of exclusive Jamie Kay fan customers.

Still, not everyone loves this vintage new Zealand label or doesn’t love Jamie Kay anymore. It is believed by quite a few people Jamie Kay has changed over the last couple of years, and the company has changed direction and represents now a more expensive fast fashion brand.

Do you love Jamie Kay?

4 thoughts on “What’s Jamie kay?-Are these cute baby clothes worth it?”

  1. Hi, Jude!

    Being an eco-friendly brand “Jamie Kay” will always be a great choice. Sadly most of the times that kind of products really expensive and people prefer to spend little money once babies grow so fast. What would you do if you were to buy clothes for a baby of yours?

    Thanks for sharing and keep safe!

  2. Hi Jude. Thank you for another great review. To be fair I haven’t heard before about Jamie Kay product, but looking on your pictures they clothes looks really adorable. And its seems they also focus on environment and to run ethical business. Comments regarding decrease of quality are a bit concerning but I think I still give them a chance and try one of their products.

    • Hi, there the clothing looks very cute and adorable indeed. just keep in mind that not all apparel is organic. Let me know how you go if you order anything, we are excited to find out.



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