What’s a baby registry?-{And WHY is it practical and sustainable?}

What’s a baby registry? And WHY is it practical and sustainable to use one?

What's a baby registry?-Father to be kissing mom's to be baby bump.
What’s a baby registry?-Father to be kissing mom’s to be a baby bump.

However, you likely have heard of the term baby registries before. Still, today we spend some time going through some baby registries’ ins and outs and how they can significantly help you receive gifts you need and align with your lifestyle.

We will also share some exciting details for families who following a minimalistic lifestyle and are interested in linking a sustainable clothing service baby registry to their primary baby registry.

What’s a baby registry?

First of all, did you know that the official term is not baby registry but baby gift registry? Although the term baby registry might be more commonly used, the baby gift registry might describe the meaning of the registry best.

Did you know that making a baby ‘gift’ registry is a U.S tradition?

A baby gift registry is a wish list from the expecting parents. The parents carefully select various items, and they love to receive the selected items as gifts for their newborn baby.

Friends and families can choose gifts from this list, and a designated person at the shop will make sure all is run smoothly.

A great tool to Avoid receiving unwanted gifts…

What's a baby registry?-A person holding a little purple baby hat.
What’s a baby registry?-A person holding a little purple baby hat.

Gifts are always meant well, but sometimes you might end up with items you do not like or need, which is a waste of time, money and resources.

Making a baby registry is practical and sustainable as it minimises the chance of receiving unwanted or double gifts. Moreover, to not be tempted too much to write items down you like instead of need, it can help to ask yourself: Do I need this?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with making your physical list of items you wish for your new baby. Still, it can be a pretty convenient choice to use a shop instead to run your baby registry, and you can enjoy some exciting perks when you choose a retailer to team up with.

Different shops have different perks to make it attractive to run the baby registry with them; keep in mind to pick a shop you like the products from and align best with your needs and lifestyle.

When do you start making a baby gift registry?

What's a baby registry?-Expecting couple holding a pair of little baby shoes.
What’s a baby registry?-Expecting couple holding a pair of tiny baby shoes.

You can start making a baby registry whenever you feel the right time is to begin this task.

While some women start with a baby registry early in their pregnancy, others leave this job a little later. At the latest, make sure your list is ready around a month before your baby shower is held or at least before you send the invites for your baby shower.

With most shops, you can work on your baby registry and keep it private until you’re ready to share the list with your family and friends.

What are common items on a baby gift registry?

You may wonder what items you should put on your baby registry, and especially you may feel unsure if it is ok to include more expensive items on your list.

A baby registry can include all items needed to care for your newborn baby.

However, you may wonder if it is inappropriate to put more expensive items in a baby gift registry?

The answer is no, it is excellent, and in most cases, you should include more expensive items on your list.


Most baby registries allow group gifting towards the more expensive items. Individuals can choose the amount of their pick one of higher value item from your registry.

When writing a baby registry, you should include all you expect you will need for your baby for approximately the first six months. Think about small items like clothing, blankies, sleeping bags. But also nappies or wipes, bottles. Or for bigger things, think about strollers, car seats, baby monitors, swings or rockers.

Some helpful tips to keep in mind making your baby registry

If you feel overwhelmed, making a baby registry might help you to think per categories:

  • Bathroom
  • Bedtime
  • Gear-Strollers, rockers, swings and bouncers
  • Toys
  • Baby clothes
  • Accessories
  • Feeding
  • Breastfeeding items(if applicable)
  • Chang time items
  • Other essentials

Not everyone may stick to your list…

If you make a baby registry, remember that not everybody may gift from the baby gift registry you make. Some friends or family members may prefer a gift outside your baby registry and like to choose their gift.

Popular gifts people tend to pick are infant baby clothing sets, so consider not going overboard with clothing items on your list as you may get some garments regardless. Also, your baby will likely outgrow garments quickly, and you probably won’t come around using all items.

Did you know that a company in the U.S has the perfect solution to practically and sustainably manage baby clothes?

You can actually make a baby registry with this company to use the sustainable baby clothes service and link it to your main baby registry. (We will give you more details for this soon).

Don’t try to stock up for the year-However it might seem tempting to try and collect stuff for the first year of your baby; you might be better off choosing products for the first few months only. Rather than stock up for a whole year ahead and keep in mind how quickly a baby will outgrow everything, so don’t choose too much from one size.


You may think you love a particular item now, but you might end up not loving the article as much when you start using it. Your perspective will likely keep changing as you go, and you will learn what works best for you and your baby with time.

While travelling along, you may come across other products you love more, and you will be happy when you can swap brands and are not stack with a year supply of a particular item.

Most popular baby gift registry’s in the U.S?

There are quite a few shops offering baby gift registries. However, different shops have different benefits, and it all depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and priorities that suit you best.

Opportunities for a sustainable baby registry with Upchoose

As mentioned before, there is an excellent service in the U.S you can access to organise the garments for your baby in a sustainable way. Parents who are trying to minimise chemical exposure for their growing babies’ and are interested in dressing their baby in organic clothing might be interested to learn more about the opportunities of Upchoose.

Upchoose makes it possible to rent or purchase high-quality organic baby clothes bundles. In addition, you now have the opportunity to create a baby registry with Upchoos and excess the fantastic services from Upchoose like many other families already do.

If you would choose to make your primary baby registry with Amazon, you have the option to link your Upchoose registry to your amazon baby gift registry.

Amazon, one of the most popular baby registries?

Yes, one of the most popular baby gift registries in the U.S is Amazon. Likely because of the convenience. Amazon claims to have the most extensive selection of products available worldwide. And if they don’t have an effect you like to buy, they have a versatile option to add products from another retailer to your Amazon registry.

Perks and benefits of Amazon baby registry…

Amazon is pretty convenient for most people as they already have an account and can easily choose a gift while shopping for themselves.

If you are a prime member, you can benefit from extra perks such as a special discount and freebies. In addition, you can return most gifts up to 365 days which is excellent as you sometimes think you’re going to use items that you never end up touching.

Amazon also allows group gifting for more expensive items, which are great when you have more expensive items on your list.

However, Amazon has excellent perks and benefits; they are not the only baby registry to consider. Shops like Target and Buy Buy baby are popular choices, to name a few.

Before choosing the suitable registry for you, make sure the shop you pick has brands you like or ensure the baby registry is universal. However, Target has a Universal registry like Amazon. Buy buy baby has not. However, they do have attractive discounts coming with their registry to make up for this disadvantage.

Wrap up, what’s a baby registry?

What's a baby registry?-Present wrapped in pink paper with pink ribbon and pink soft toy on the side.
What’s a baby registry?-Present wrapped in pink paper with pink ribbon and soft pink toy on the side.

In the U.S, baby showers are a big tradition, and traditionally a gift is chosen from a baby registry to gift to the expecting parents. The baby registry is a list made by the expectant parents filled with products they love to receive to welcome their new baby.

When choosing your primary baby registry, prioritise what is most important to you to decide which shop align best with your lifestyle choices. Amazon, Target and Buy buy baby are popular choices in the U.S.

Sustainable opportunities for baby registries

It can be interesting for parents who follow a sustainable lifestyle to check out your opportunities for baby registries with Upchoose. Their service will help you reduce the clutter of outgrown baby clothes and is a great way to make dressing organically more affordable.

Making a baby registry minimises the chances of receiving double or unwanted gifts and can sustainably work out in your favour by controlling your gifts and selecting products aligning with your lifestyle choices.

We hope this information was helpful for you, and please leave us any comments below for any questions or feedback.

What is your favourite baby registry in the U.S?


4 thoughts on “What’s a baby registry?-{And WHY is it practical and sustainable?}”

  1. I remember registering for wedding gifts at 2 different stores many, many years ago. The stores didn’t talk to each other, so we had many duplicates that had to go back.

    Baby Registry Lists are the way to go for new, expecting parents. I would say the Amazon Wish List is probably the easiest on the gift giver. It may take the excitement out of the giving if they take advantage of dropshipping to the new Parents-To-BE. 

    In today’s world, online shopping and shipping seem to be the norm. It has been a long time since we have visited any store and asked for a registry of any kind. I would recommend to any new parents to do a Baby Registry. This article is a good reference to consider before getting started.

    • Oh no, Rich, that sounds like a bit of a challenge you had there with your wedding registry.

      The universal registry is indeed very beneficial to avoid this kind of issues. It is great baby registries now give parents so many options, such as group gifting and universal Opportunites. It is so much user friendly for expecting parents who have enough on their minds. 

      And as you mentioned, the Amazon baby registry is probably one of the most user-friendly for guests to purchase a gift as most people already have an Amazon account and can choose a gift while shopping for themselves. 

      And we are quite excited about the universal opportunities of their registries where you can make the registry aligning your lifestyle and allowing you to excess your first choice, such as sustainable clothing services from Upchoose.

      You ave very right; online baby registries definitely go, especially with the ongoing pandemic where most people stick to online shopping.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving us a comment today Rich, we value your insight.


  2. Thank you for sharing why a baby registry is not only smart but also sustainable. New parents will need a lot of new items, but their needs are going to be different depending on a number of factors. A baby registry can help ensure that multiples of the same gift are not purchased and that the gifted gifts will be utilized when the baby arrives! Very smart thinking!!

    • Hi Aly, you are very welcome. However, it might take away a bit of the spontaneous side of gifting; using a baby registry is definitely practical and more sustainable. It is great to know you give a gift the parents actually wish for.

      The next thing is finding the right registry for you. However, the Amazon baby gift registry might be the most popular in the U.S; it will depend on your individual preferences and needs. This registry is the right registry for you.



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