What is the Amazon baby gift registry?-{and HOW to add your favourite sustainable items }

Are you currently looking at which baby registry align best with your wishes and lifestyle? You may know that Amazon is one of the most popular choices among many families to make a baby gift registry, but what is the Amazon baby gift registry? And is it the best choice for you?

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U.S tradition…

What is the Amazon baby gift registry?-Pregnant women dancing on the beach.
What is the Amazon baby gift registry?-Pregnant women dancing on the beach.

Expecting a baby is, for most women, a fascinating time indeed. There are many things to organise before your precious baby arrives, and traditionally most expecting parents in the U.S create a baby registry.

Following this method can work out efficiently and sustainably for you, but it is essential to find a suitable registry that aligns your lifestyle and needs best.

What are the perks and downfalls of the Amazon baby registry?

Different baby registries have various benefits and disadvantages. So today, we will share all ins and outs with you of the Amazon baby registry to find out of this could be a suitable registry for you.

Also, we will share with you how you could add your favourite sustainable, eco-friendly products to your list Amazon perhaps have not available.

What is the Amazon baby registry?

What is the Amazon baby registry?

The Amazon baby registry is an online tool you can use to make a list of all the necessities you would like to receive for your new baby.

When you are working on completing your list, you can choose to keep the registry private, and when you have completed your list and are ready to share, you can decide to make the registry public and share it with your family and friends. Next, your loved ones can select a gift of their choice to share with you.

Even though Amazon is a popular choice amongst many parents, the question is: ‘is the Amazon baby registry the right choice for you?

Let’s have a look at some of the Amazon baby gift registry features, shall we?

Product details of the Amazon Baby gift Registry

Product: The Amazon Baby Registry
LocationAmazon U.S
Free welcome boxYes, value up to $35.- (but only when you meet the criteria).
Universal registryyes (We will share with you how)
Completion discountYes, 10% for non-members, 15% for prime members
Return conditionsYou have 365 days to return most items.
Groups gifting allowanceYes, multiple people can contribute towards the more expensive items. (which is excellent)
The Amazon claimThe most extensive selection of products worldwide.
Where to access?Here
Details for the Amazon baby registry

The best way to be a more sustainable shopper is hands-down consuming less. However, baby stuff is so very tempting to buy as it is so adorable; ask yourself whether you really need the product you consider as this can be an effective strategy to buy fewer products’

How to be a more sustainable shopper…

Why is the universal option so great?

If you have specific wishes for your baby registry, such as a gorgeous macramé baby swing, or you, have seen super cool unique baby clothes for boys or girls you love but are not available from Amazon.

Not to worry, as you can use the Universal button to add these unique items to your Amazon baby registry. Next, your friends and family will see the button ‘shop this store’ to purchase the fantastic gift you have selected from an external retailer. (you can only add products from other retailers Amazon does not sell)

You can find the universal registry button under benefits and bundles, and you can use this feature to add products from other retailers to your Amazon baby register. You have to add the extension in your browser to add the products you love to your registry easily. (keep in mind that Amazon don’t take any responsibility for the purchased items of external retailers on your list)

Some innovative sustainable opportunities for your registry…

Using a baby registry is the perfect method to minimise the chance of ending up with double or unwanted gifts, which is a waste of time, money, and resources.

‘For people who enjoy a sustainable lifestyle…
What is the Amazon baby gift registry?- Pregnant lady with orange flower in her hand.
What is the Amazon baby gift registry?- Pregnant lady with an orange flower in her hand.
Did you know you can rent organic baby clothes bundles for your newborn and link the sustainable baby clothes services to your main baby registry with Amazon?
Renting baby clothes bundles are perfect for people who try to avoid the clutter of outgrown baby clothes and are interested in excess high-quality organic baby clothes for their newborn.

Pros and cons of the Amazon baby registry

Convenient for your guest to buy gifts as most people have an Amazon account.There are 3 obstacles before you actually can access the gift box.
Most extensive selection of products worldwideYou have to upgrade to prime membership to access the highest completion discount.
Universal registry lets you add any product of other retailers if Amazon doesn’t have it.You have to become a prime member to enjoy some of the best deals and perks.
Free shipping over $25.- and free two-day shipping for prime members
Pros and cons of the Amazon baby registry.

Is the Amazon baby registry worthwhile?

What is the Amazon baby gift  registry?Black mobile phone with Amazon logo.
What is the Amazon baby gift registry? Black mobile phone with Amazon logo.

Hands-down if you are a prime member, it is likely a no brainer and a natural move to create a baby registry with Amazon and enjoy all the perks and convenience of a premium member. Choosing Amazon for your baby registry is likely convenient for most of your friends and family. In addition, most people already have an account with Amazon and are familiar and comfortable with their shopping platform.

Suppose you’re not a prime member yet. In that case, the Amazon registry can still be a good deal if perhaps you have already wanted to become a premium member for a long time. This might be the perfect time to do so, but keep in mind some expenses are involved in becoming a prime member.

If not, other registries like Target or buy buy baby might be word checking out too, or you could consider using two; still sticking with one universal registry might be your best option to keep things easy.

We hope this review has been helpful for you, and please leave your thought below regarding baby gift registries.


The Amazon baby gift registry


Many perks for prime mebers


Universal baby registry


Biggest selection of products worldwide



  • Adding external retailers to your registry
  • Free two day shipping for prime mebers
  • Best perks for Prime members


  • You have to become Prime member to enjoy the best perks.
  • You have to meet criterium first before you can access free gift box.
  • Giftbox has obstacles to access.

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