What is Organic Baby Clothing?-{Sustainable trends in organic baby clothes}

What is Organic baby clothes?-Father holding newborn baby
What is Organic baby clothes?-Father holding newborn baby

You can’t get around it. We now see the term organic everywhere. But what is Organic baby clothing? What does it mean? And is it really true that organic baby clothes are better for our environment and us?

Today, we hope to shine some light on organic cotton facts, most commonly used to make organic baby clothes. Also, we like to update you on some sustainable trends we see in the organic baby clothing you can take advantage of when interested.

Shall we get started? Let’s start with the beginning: What is Organic baby clothing?

What is Organic Baby Clothing?

Organic baby clothing consists of natural fibre grown and processed without the use of any synthetic substances. Most commonly, organic baby clothes consist of organic cotton, though. However, also other natural fibres like hemp or wool are qualified to make organic baby clothes too. This article focuses on organic cotton, though this is the most mainstream fibre for organic baby clothes.

Organic baby clothes are made with organic fibre grown on organic farms, and those organic farms have to meet stringent guidelines to keep their organic certification. Organic cotton farms are not allowed to use the highly toxic substances unlike regualr cotton farms practice.

There is a lot more to learn about organic cotton baby clothes but first let’s have a look at some of the concerns of growing regular cotton.

Serious concerns about growing conventional cotton.

Did you know that the textile industry is the second-highest polluting industry worldwide?

What is organic baby clothes?- White cotton flower
What is organic baby clothes?- White cotton flower

And did you know cotton is called ‘a dirty crop’ for a valid reason? It is not a prety talk but cotton is a pest sensitive crop and to controll the pest, high amount of dangerous toxins are used which is highly concerning indeed.

It is not only concerning for the farmers using these toxins regularly but also for the environment and babies’ skin.

One common toxin used to grow conventional cotton include aldicarb. Aldicarb is commonly used as a pesticide but very dangerous and when frequently used in high amounts as with growing cotton it can give serious health concerns and be potentially fatal for farmers exposed to these substances.

Concerns of Aldicarb for our environment

Aldicarb is the most commonly used toxic and a dangerous health concern for farmers exposed to the substance and a serious concern for our environment. While aldicarb may be an effective pesticide, it not only kills the pest. Excess toxins run down in the soil and create irreversible posing of and healthy agriculture. ( I hope you understand why it is worthwhile and essential to gain knowledge of regular cotton practices).

‘Conventional cotton uses 10-16% of world pesticides which is more than any other growing crop globally’.

You may wonder, but how does Organic cotton farmers manage pest control right? Good point and next will cover pest control techniques used in Organic farming.

Protecting Organic Cotton from pest

Organic cotton is grown from non modified cotton seeds and is organically grown without synthetic pest and herbicides. Organic farmers can use chemicals to protect their crop, but only those who are certified organic.

What is organic baby clothes?-White cotton field.
What is organic baby clothes?-White cotton field.

Sometimes organic farmers are also using ‘trap crop techniques‘ by planting crops nearby insect prefers above cottons such as maize or sunflowers.

Another technique used with growing organic cotton is the rotation of crops. When the growing of cotton is alternated with growing different crops, pest populations have less chance to build up, and this technique can help to remain soil productivity.

Sustainable value of Organic cotton VS regular cotton?

Is organic cotton more sustainable than conventional cotton?

However, there are more eco-friendly choices to consider for baby clothes(we will talk about this at the end of this article), still buying organic cotton is a huge improvement compared to regular cotton. Also, you support a good cause as your choice directly influences organic farmers to live a healthier and better life with their families, well at least if you purchase certified organic cotton.

Did you know that Organic cotton potentially uses a whopping 90 % less water to grow compared to conventional cotton’?

Why would I buy certified organic?

What is organic baby clothes?-Mother holding her newborn baby.
What is organic baby clothes?-Mother holding her newborn baby.

With the ongoing sustainable lifestyle trends, marketers trying to buy into this trend with labelling their products organic or sustainable. While these claims might be true, it isn’t necessarily true unless the product is certified organic.

However, all claims on labels have to be correct; everyone can label their products organic and sell them, it is not compulsory by law to have the products tested to be organic they end up on the shopping shelves.

Baby brands that value eco-friendly and ethical standards can become G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which will ensure you as customer products are organic indeed. G.O.T.S certified baby clothes have to meet stringent ethical and socially responsible standards.

‘Did you know that products labelled ‘made with organic are made with at least 70% organic fibre while products labelled ‘Organic have to contain a minimum of 90% organic fibre’?

Sustainable trends in organic cotton

As promised, we will end this article by sharing some more sustainable baby clothes opportunities with you. When you expect a new baby and are considereding to choose sustainably, it might help overview all these options.

The options you can take advantage of will depend on where you are located, but globally, multiple businesses offer innovative sustainable services to take advantage of. Next, we will share some opportunities with you located in the U.S

Sustainable opportunities for parents in the U.S

Renting organic baby clothing-There are great companies with a sustainable focus like UpChoose who offer parents residing in the U.S innovative programs to participate. Several different services are offered with Upchoose such as renting gently used organic baby clothes bundles.

Renting baby clothes are becoming more popular, and checking out these services of Upchoose could be definitely interesting for families following sustainable lifestyle trends.

‘Companies like Upchoose definitely make organic baby clothing accessible and more affordable for U.S Families and allow parents to be more sustainable costumers’

Sell back organic baby clothes-Some other great Organic brands in the U.S offer sell back opportunities to parents who make organic baby clothes more sustainable and affordable which are fascinating sustainable developments in the baby clothes industry.

Sustainable opportunities for parents in Australia

Would you be interested to rent the baby clothes for a newborn baby?

What is organic baby clothes?-Newborn baby comfortable sleeping on brown colored blanket.
What is organic baby clothes?-Newborn baby comfortable sleeping on a brown coloured blanket.

Renting organic baby clothing– Renting baby clothes can be a great choice to enjoy organic garments while not draining your bank account.

Sustainable garments can be quite pricey, and keeping up with your quickly growing baby can get quite expensive when you have to keep up with your fast-growing baby.

Renting organic baby clothes is a great sustainable choice and an exciting development in the baby clothes industry. Organic baby clothes are more durable than regular garments and therefore, perfect for more than one baby to enjoy.

Sell back baby clothes– However, Australia doesn’t have organic brands with the same sell back opportunities as the U.S. There are consignment programs you can participate run by used baby clothes shops online.

The programs run in Australia are not specific to organic garments. However, a sustainable opportunity to sell you gently used (organic) garments turned some of your invested money back in cash.

Verdict, so what is organic baby clothing?

Organic baby clothes are baby clothes made from natural fibre, but unmodified organically grown cotton is used in the clothing industry. Organic baby clothes are free from harmful substances for humans and an excellent choice for your newborn baby. Organic cotton baby clothes are super soft and gentle on babies’ delicate skin.

Organic baby clothes are durable and perfect to sell as pre- loved items, in fact they are very popular to purchase as gently used items as more parents following systainable lifestyle trends.

Organic baby clothes use far less water and are grown without synthetic chemicals that make organic garments a great sustainable choice. For parents interested in taking their sustainable journey one step further, pre-loved organic garments or renting organic baby clothes are gaining popularity. And there are great sustainable opportunities you can choose to participate.

Some of the organic baby clothing trends are renting organic baby clothes or choosing for pre-loved garments, which are great opportunities to put less strain on the environment. At the same time, it will be more gentle for your wallet.

Win-Win indeed!

Have you tried organic baby clothing yet? Please share your experience with organic baby clothes and your favourite brands below.


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  1. I feel that nowadays we have to protect our babies as much as we can in this world that is full of chemicals. I know for the fact that there is a lot of chemicals involved in the production of clothing and that doesn’t exclude infant clothes. It is our job to find the best organic clothes that have fewer chemicals for the health of our loved ones and also for our planet. Do you have any brands that you suggest?

    • Hi Nuttannee, yes it is very beneficial for various reasons to choose for non-toxic baby clothes. If you are shopping for girls and you are residing in the U.S, you may like to check out this for Unique, organic baby clothes. These garments displaying the work of artists across the globe and are certified organic as well. 

      For buttery-soft organic onesies with quirky graphics, you might want to check out this unique collection from Finn Emma in collaborations of Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Super cute, great quality and unique and organic as well.

      I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know what you think.

      Have a great day.


    • Hi Nuttanee, you are so right, it is a great idea to protect our babies’ from the chemicals in pretty much all articles nowadays. To check out unique and cute organic baby clothes you can learn more in the following articles.
      1. Unique organic baby clothes for girls
      2.3 You can check out 3 Unique and cute organic baby clothes collections from Finn Emma here.
      3. Check ou this Unique organic baby clothes collection in collaboration with Jamie-lynn Sigler here

      We hope you love these organic baby clothes.

  2. When I first read about people choosing environmentally friendly or organic products, I ignored the whole argument, feeling that what I was using was alright for me. Fast forward 6 years and I am now sold on the idea of organic food, clothes and home products. Most of the products I choose cost more than the others, but I feel very strongly that we need to do our little bit to have a healthy environment. This article about baby clothes is great. We all want the best for our babies, and the clothes can be recycled after the baby has outgrown them. Thanks for this introduction. I will now pay attention to the certification.

    • Hi there, it’s funny that you mentioned that as I totally experienced the same thing and it did cost me a fair period of time and change my perspective. At the end of the day, what is better and healthier for the environment. is better and more beneficial for us. A bonus is that organic baby clothes are so super soft and luxurious that it may cost a little more, but it is pure joy to dress baby and know that your choice is so beneficial for many. It really makes you feel good. 

      And a bonus is selling back baby clothes opportunities that help tremendously making organic baby clothes more affordable.

      Thanks for leaving us a comment and wishing you a great weekend.



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