What is an infant swing?-{Do you need a baby swing?}

You may wonder, what is an infant swing? And do you really need an swing for your baby?

What is an infant swing?-Baby sitting in organic macramé swing with sibling on a rug at the side.
What is an infant swing?-Baby sitting in organic macramé swing with sibling on a rug at the side.

Good question as all too often people ending up purchasing a lot of baby gear they thought they would really need but ending up not really using. When you ask yourself the question, ‘do I really need this? You might be surprised how many stuff you not really need.

People who have mastered this skills are the ones living a minimal lifestyle which is quite a popular trend in today’s society.

Many parents of today follow more sustainable and miminalisic lifestyles. They and try to make considered choices when they purchase items and are interested of products are sustaibly and ethically made.

Today we will be sharing some details of various baby swings you can choose from and the pros and cons of different types of infant swings. Having a good overview of the available products might help you make a well-informed decision to pick the right product suitable for your lifestyle. Or perhaps you will realise you don’t need an infant baby swing at all.

What is an infant swing?

If you started the research for nursery gear, you might be at the stage of considering a baby swing for your infant. It is a great idea to learn a little more about infant swings before deciding whether you like to get one for your little person and learn what kind of swing would suit your needs and lifestyle.

There are many different swings, but to keep things simple, let’s say there are two significant different swings to choose from.

  • Electric swings,
  • Manual swings

What are the differences between electric and manual infant swings?

Electric and manual swings are completely different, and it will totally depend on your needs and lifestyle what swing is meeting your expectations and needs. Families with a spacious house and a larger budget may even consider an electric swing inside the house and a manual swing for on the verandah or patio.

Other families living a more minimalistic lifestyle may prefer a manual infant swing as this may align better with their personal lifestyle needs and goals.

For electric swings, you will have to decide between a full-sized electric swing and a portable swing or when you like to keep things minimal you could consider a manual swing.

What infant swing suit your lifestyle? Full-sized, portable or manual?

Full-sized electric swings- are suitable for indoors and can be plugged into the powerPoint while operating the swing. Full-sized infant swings have many features like music, speed and swing motions choices, but they are not suitable to move around the house a lot.

Portable electric swings- are a smaller and lighter version of the full-sized infant swings and can be a great choice for a smaller space or when you move around a lot. A portable swing is also great when you want to use the swing for shopping or travelling as this version is lighter and run on batteries.

Portable swings have likely less music and speed choices than the full-size electric swings.

Manual swings-Manual infant swings come in many cute designs and are a perfect choice for parents who like to keep it more minimalistic and keep steer of plastics. The manuals infant swing will only make swinging motions when you push the swing manually.

What is an infant swing?-Baby sitting in organic macramé swing displaying pretty details of the swing.
What is an infant swing?-Baby sitting in organic macramé swing displaying pretty details of the swing.

They are generally hung from the ceiling and often come with cute details to look adorable on patio’s, verandah, or nursery(always follow instructions to hang swings carefully following the infant swings manual).

(For the safety of your baby no matter what swing you choose, always use the provided restraining when the baby is in the swing and never leave baby when using the swing)

What are the Pros and Cons of electric and manual infant swings?

Infant SwingsProsCons
Full-sized electric swings setting optionsmore setting optionsCan be expensive to purchase
More toys and settings to keep your baby amusedCan be bulkier and take up a lot of space
Runs with power cord, no batteries neededNot suitable to move around
Portable infant swingsSuitable to move aroundLess attributes like; music and swinging motions
More affordable to purchaseBatteries can run out quickly
Can run on batteriesMost portable swings don’t come with power cord what makes it more expensive to run
Manual infant swingsAffordable to buy and no expense to runDon’t come with attributes to amuse baby(this doesn’t mean you can’t add cute toys and such though)
Most sustainableNeeds manual action to create swinging motion.
More natural materials and can be purchased free of plasticsLess opportunity to have your hands free to do a task
Pros and Cons of different infant baby swings.

Why do infants like to swing?

Most parents consider purchasing nursery gear like swings or rockers to comfort their (newborn) babies during the day and create moments they can have their hands free to perform a task.

Most babies love rocking, and swinging movements as this will remind them about the cozy and familiar movements inside mummies tummy.

What is an infant baby swing?-Pregnant lady walking outside on a sunny day.
What is an infant baby swing?-Pregnant lady walking outside on a sunny day.

Gently rocking and swinging will give comfort to babies, and this familiar movement can help settle babies. Still, not all babies are straight up a fan of swings as being hold by mum and dad is hands down the best place in the whole wide world.

Still, it can be beneficial to have a swing in your environment to assist you with some rocking moments when you need your hands free to complete some tasks. (still, never leave your baby alone when in a swing and always super vice at all times and use provided safety restraining to keep baby save).

Wrap up of- ‘what is a baby swing’ and which swing is best for you?

What is an infant swing?-Baby outside in a manual baby swing.
What is an infant swing?-Baby outside in a manual baby swing.

At the end of the day, it will strongly depend on your budget, space and lifestyle to decide which infant baby swing will be the best for you.

Will it be the most luxurious, flexible or sustainable infant swing what works for you?

The Swing with most features-If you like to enjoy many features within you infant babies’ swing, but generally speaking, when you have the budget and space, a full size swing might be the perfect choice for you.

Affordable electric swing– But when you are looking for a swing to travel or to use in a smaller space, the portable and more affordable swing might be a great choice for you. However, this swing might have a few fewer features, it a more affordable option.

Most sustainable swing-For parents who like to steer clear from plastic and prefer a more minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle choice, a manual swing might be a great choice for you. There are some gorgeous manual swings available such as macrame swings made with organic cotton.

We hope this article about, ‘what is an infant swing’ has been helpful for you. If you have any question or feedback on baby swings, please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “What is an infant swing?-{Do you need a baby swing?}”

  1. I remember those days well. We had a manual baby swing that we used often. Our sons will stay in the swing for hours if we let them. We found that having music on that was soft and muted while they were in the swing would calm them quickly. 

    We also found that they liked to be held by Dad more than Mom. The number of toys on the swing were few, but we would place some toys they preferred in with them, and they were happy. 

    We only used it when we needed both hands for a particular task. We would spend as much time with them as we could to develop their motor skills to help with their development.


    • Hi Jerry, yes, swings can come in pretty handy, and they can be beneficial when we need our hands free to complete a job. And you are right; soft music in combination with a swing can be beneficial to calm babies’ down.

      There is much choice and innovative baby products out there, but the simplicity and minimalistic setups for babies’ is sometimes all we need.

      Thanks for stopping by today Jerry, we appreciate it and wishing you all the best to you and your family.


  2. Hi Jude. Thank you for this great article. To be fair, I have never thought about buying baby swings, and I had no idea there are so many options. Looking on your reviews it seems as a great choice for newborns. I especially like organic Macrame ones, they looks extremely cute and additionally are eco. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • Yes, swings can be a great addition to your nursery set up indeed, and I agree with you that the macrame swings look cute and adorable. 

      However, the electric swings can be convenient; the manual swings have many benefits and are definitely wording considering. It makes a great gift idea to include a gorgeous baby swing, and you could include a swing in your baby registry if you make one.

       Just check the registry you pick allows group gifting for more expensive items and is universal if you like to include unique items (like an organic swing) from other retailers.



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