#3 Unique Cool Baby Boy Clothes styles

Unique cool baby boy clothes-Toddler standing in hallway wearing blue hoody.
Unique cool baby boy clothes-Toddler standing in the hallway wearing a blue hoody.

Do you look for durable, Unique, cool baby boy clothes with original designs?

If so, you are in luck today. We know it is not easy to find unique, durable outfits which are still affordable, but today we feel excited to share the perfect collection with you.

You may wonder what is so unique about these boy clothes right?

Well, they are special and unique for numerous reasons. If you follow sustainable lifestyle trends, you definitely don’t want to miss out as these unique cool baby boy clothes are not only better for your baby, but better for the environment as well.

Why better? For numerous reasons and we will explain all of them with you today.

Do you like to learn more about the gem you just found?

Ok, let’s get into some of the details of these UNIQUE, organic baby boy clothes of Art & Eden.

What makes baby clothes unique?

When baby clothes are bought from big retailers, there are often massive amounts of the same garments made and sold across the country, and every second baby owns the same onesie or outfit. Not really what we want right?

You may agree that it is much more joyful to dress your baby in unique garments instead right?

To find unique garments, you are better of buying from boutique shops or small online brands. These smaller brands don’t manufacture in such great numbers as the big retailers, and you will often see that smaller brands are taking great care to bring you original designs and higher-quality garments.

And then there was Art & Eden

Art & Eden is an children’s clothing brand which brings you hand-painted unique designs on sustainable baby and children clothes.

Art & Eden is all about sustainability and is passionate to follow the child’s spirit and bring you unique and playful designed garments from artists worldwide.

Does this sound like something you feel excited about?

As mentioned before, Art & Eden are passionate about sustainability as well, and you may wonder WHAT makes these garments sustainable, right?

Valid question and we will go over some of these details next starting out with the dye Art & Eden uses to color their garments..

What dye does Art & Eden use to colour their garments?

Unique cool baby boy clothes-Blue and green paint color.
Unique cool baby boy clothes-Blue and green paint color.

You may be aware of toxic dyes used in the clothing industry and the worrisome pollution the textile industry causes worldwide. Art & Eden’s value sustainability and are proud to make garments with a smaller impact on the environment.

You can feel reassured that Art & Eden only use low toxic dyes for their garments, and these are more eco-friendly than regular dyes used in the clothing industry.

But using eco-friendly dyes to colour the garments and unique prints is not where their sustainable efforts stop. Art & Eden also use organic cotton and other upcycled polyester to create their unique cool baby boy clothes. It is al about sustainability by Art & Eden

Why is Organic cotton used for these unique cool baby clothes?

Did you know that regular cotton uses extraordinary amounts of dangerous toxins to grow their crop? The use of many different toxins, including the hazardous chemicals Aldi carb are serious health concerns for farmers, the enviroment but potentially for your baby, and leftover chemicals can still be present in baby clothes.

You probably can see why we recommend looking for organic cotton instead. A much safer and more sustainable choice for your baby and the environment as organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful substances.

Can durable, unique baby clothes give a return in investment?

Unique cool baby boy clothes-Glass with golden coins with plant growing out of the middle.
Unique cool baby boy clothes-Glass with golden coins with plant growing out of the middle.

Yes, it defintly can.

All garments Art & Eden make are very considered and made from a sustainable quality and perspective. Art and Eden’s clothing itmes are made to last from organic cotton or a mix of organic cotton and recycled or upcycled polyester.

You will tell the difference between clothing quality like Art & Eden’s organic cotton baby clothes. They stay as new wash after wash and are perfect for selling as a pre-loved garment after your baby has outgrown their size.

Did you know you can sell back baby clothes to some quality baby brands like Art & Eden?

Are the unique cool baby boy clothes of Art & Eden ethically made?

Unique cool baby boy clothes-Manufacturing work space for garments.
Unique cool baby boy clothes-Manufacturing work space for garments.

Yes!! Art and Eden only work with partners who meet high ethical standards. All workers evolved to create these unique baby clothes get paid a fair, livable wage.

Choosing to shop with ethical brands like Art & Eden or Finn + Emma, who use organic cotton and high ethical standards, can directly influence farmers’ quality of life and other workers involved in the manufacturing process

Art and Eden are all about giving back and trying to make a difference in people’s lives. They actively improve lives in developing countries by taking actions like supplying vaccines to sick children.

Are these ethically sustainably garments still affordable?

I hear what you are saying, and you would really expect that high-quality garments which are asocially responsible made are pretty much unafordable right?

The good news is that Art & Eden ensures their garments are accessible for a broad audience, and this company needs to keep its pricing affordable.

Final thoughts about unique cool baby boy clothes

Unique cool baby boy clothes-Baby boy walking while holding mums and dads hands.
Unique cool baby boy clothes-Baby boy walking while holding mums and dads hands.

When you appreciate unique baby clothes for your boy and value sustainability, hand-down these artistic garments are word-checking. Your baby will definitely stand out from the crowd with these original artistic garments.

At the same time, Art & Eden allow you to be a sustainable shopper and allow you to be a sustainable consumer.

We hope this article was helpful for you.


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  1. Hello Jude.

     I am a mother of two days and one girl. I always light up when I come across anything related to kids because those three are my world. They have given my life a whole new meaning. Oh, I am a lover of unique things, and I love your post on unique cool baby boy clothes. I love a child that stands off from the crowd. It really boosts their self-esteem as well. I believe Art & Eden is what I am looking for. Hand-painted unique designs are my thing. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I will be doing the shopping soon.

    • Hi Boi, ahhh, congratulations on your newborn. My youngest girl has turned into a toddler now, and I sometimes can’t believe my the newborn is all growing up. 

      I hope you find some cool, unique designs at Art & Eden such a great feeling when you find unique outfits for your little ones and not having to break the bank too. At the same time, you are shopping sustainably also, win-win right?

       Did you know they have some unique design baby clothes for baby girls and toddlers too?  If you are interested, you can check them out here.

      Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful day.


  2. Hello there, Jude! This is a very informative post! I did not know that companies use toxic dyes to make clothes for babies. At such a young age, their immune system is not developed yet, so I fear that the toxins may get to them. Glad to hear that Art and Eden use low toxic ones, though. I don’t have a baby yet, but I can suggest this company to a few friends who have a baby. Thanks for this!

    • Hi Mike, thank you for stopping by today. Like you, many people are not aware of toxins in baby clothes, yet it is concerning. Like you said, it especially concerning for young children as their little bodies are not fully developed, and harmful substances can easily be absorbed through their skin.

      Feel free to share this article with friends or social media, so more people have the opportunity to learn about toxins in garments.

      Have a great day and week ahead 



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