Top rated baby toys-{baby toys are not automatically safe}

Top rated baby toys-Baby fallen in sleep surrounded by toys.
Top rated baby toys-Baby fallen in sleep surrounded by toys.

We feel excited to share some helpful tips with you today to pick top-rated baby toys and raise awareness about children’s toys’ limited safety standards to keep in mind when selecting toys for your baby.

However, you would hope baby toys are safe regardless; unfortunately, this is not always the case. Safety standards have improved over time and are updated regularly as well; still, parents and carers critical judgement is advised when selecting toys for their children.

How do YOU select top-rated baby toys?

When you are browsing for top-rated baby toys, how do you judge if a toy is safe and suitable for your baby or not?

Perhaps you look for to most popular baby toys and base your judgement on the number of reviews?

Just keep in mind that looking at the popularity of a product can be a great way to learn more about a product, but some more research can be a good required, especially when your purchase baby toys online from unknown brands or sellers.

When you have never bought from a brand or sell before, checking the seller’s or brand reputable is highly advisable.

Some questions you may like to get answered might be…

>Where are the toys manufactured?

>What certifications do they carry?

>Does the brand or seller have a good reputation?

>What review do the product you are interested in have?

You know, the truth is, it can be tough to get specific details about a product. Some marketers of products are great in what they do, telling consumers what they like to hear.

How do we know of what they promise is true?

We will get to this later…

Limited safety rules for (baby) toys

Top-rated baby toys-Child in sandpit with plastic play buckets.
Top-rated baby toys-Child in sandpit with plastic play buckets.

It sounds a little crazy as you would like to expect any toy sold are safe for a baby or child. Still, this is not automatically true.

However, toys sold in the U.S have to comply with standards; a critical eye from a parent or carer is beneficial when it comes down to selecting toys for an infant.

Reading labels and researching top-rated baby toys brands are all a great start to find the best and safest toys for your baby.

Like with everything in live, safety first…

As we all know, babies’ put everything in their mouth; it is simply how they learn and develop. Still, this makes it even more essential to research what products we place in babies’ environment as this makes them really vulnerable to experience various injuries from toys.

The Standards for toy safety in the U.S…

In the U.S, toy safety standards are regulated by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). The CPSC enforces basic safety rules and guidelines for toys sold in the U.S.

Toy related accidents in the U.S

In 2005, there have been several fatal accidents related to toys. 20 children under 15 years of age died in the U.S. due to accidents associated with toys. An additional estimated 200- 300 kids in the U.S. experienced injuries related to toys and needed treatment in a hospital that year.

However, the standards of toys safety have been improved over the last decade; it doestn automatically mean that all toys sold in the U.S are save now.

The systems work mainly in a reactive way, and changes are mainly made AFTER incidents occur.

When you buy baby toys online, don’t just expect a toy to be safe, do your research. Research the brand, the seller, and be suspicious when toys are too cheap as a short by the brand or seller might have been taken.

Improvements in toy safety.

Top rated baby toys-Baby laying down surrounded with soft toys.
Top rated baby toys-Baby laying down surrounded with soft toys.

2008– In 2008, new rules were enforced to improve the previous safety standards on products sold in the U.S, and restrictions like lead and Phthalates used in toys were restricted to smaller amounts.

2012-Minnesota’s state introduced its own legislation in 2012. These standards require reporting dangerous chemicals used in toys such as the chemical Cadmium, Bisphenol, Formaldehyde, or lead.

2018- In 2018, previous voluntary rules for toy testing become mandatory. All children toys intended for use by children younger than 12 years of age must be the third party tested now. Toys have to be compliant with toy safety and be certified in a children’s product certificate. 

Still, Keep in mind; however, toys have to comply with standards; this doesn’t automatically means the toys are safe. The system works in a reactively way, and more action is mainly taken AFTER incidents occur.

Why chemical exposure is especially concerning for a babies’ environment…

As mentioned before, there are multiple safety and health concerns we have to look out for in baby toys. Such a scary thought, and hopefully, we never have to witness accidents with baby toys.

Some concerns with baby toys include chocking, drowning, sharpness in toys, batteries, strangling and toxic lead in paint and other toxic chemicals previously found in toys.

Luckily the level allowance of some toxic chemicals and heavy metals in lower than it had been previously. Checking for chemicals used in baby products is a great idea regardless of the restrictions, though.

Toxic chemicals and heavy metals are dangerous and not good for anyone. Still, they are especially worrisome for babies’ undeveloped bodies, and they are very vulnerable to being exposed to these toxins.

As babies’ put anything in their mouth, especially with teething, they will likely not limit chewing to teething toys. Still, likely they will do a taste test on any toys or objects they are exposed to within their environment.

Eliminating chemical exposure in a babies’ environment…

Luckily, we can do multiple things to minimize the chances of baby exposure to harmful toxins in their environment. Choosing non-toxic care products, organic baby clothing, and even baby gear like organic baby swings and organic toys will contribute to a healthier baby environment.

What are saver options for the top-rated baby toys?

Top rated baby toys-Sitting baby is playing with an instrument.
Top rated baby toys-Sitting baby is playing with an instrument.

However, reading labels, researching brands and being critical of what toys you buy are great way to find safer toys; you may wonder how to easily determine if a toy is safe for your baby, right?

Two great options you can look out for are:

  • Organic toys
  • Eco-friendly toys

Eco-friendly toys-Eco-friendly toys are typically made without toxins; even though a product make eco claims, definitely learn more about a product and brand before purchasing it.

Overall eco-friendly toys are of higher quality and a bit more expensive. When prices are rather low, you may especially question the quality of a product. ‘Greenwashing of products is not uncommon, and learning about a new brand is a must, especially when purchasing toys online.

Organic toys– Organic toys are another great choice when you look for top-rated baby toys. Organic toys are made from organic fibre, and especially products certified with G.O.T.S will give you significant reinsurance top-rated baby toys are actually safe.

‘When selecting toys for your baby, keep in mind that toys safety standards are limited. Consider G.O.T.S certified toys to have peace of mind toys are actually safe.

Why are G.O.T.S certified baby toys top-rated?

Top rated baby toys-Macrame toy basket filled with organic soft toys.
Top rated baby toys-Macramé toy basket filled with organic soft toys.

When you are looking for top-rated baby toys, you could consider checking out organic toys that are certified organic. Organic standards like the G.O.T.S (global organic textile standard)actually test the products made with organic fibres to be free of harmful substances for humans.

However, only products that include organically grown textile can be certified with G.O.T.S. Still, when you are after non-toxic wooden toys, look for genuine eco-friendly brands or learn more about a brand or product first.

Organic brands are likely to use wood varieties like untreated hardwood. Look for and non-toxic finishes such as vegetable seed wax for wooden baby toys.

There is a variety of different organic toys available for your baby such as:

  • Pram toys
  • Rattle buddies
  • Rattle lovie
  • All in one toy
  • Pacifier holder animal friends

Let’s have a look at what benefits certified organic toys have

  • Free of harmful substances for humans such as P.V.C, Magnet or lead.
  • Ethically made.
  • Sustainably made.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Kind for the environment and safe for your baby.
  • Often the knitted toys are handmade.
  • Organic toys in a set with organic garments make the most perfect unique baby shower gift too.

Wrap up to select top-rated baby toys

Top rated baby toys-Baby palying with musical instruments on the floor
Top rated baby toys-Baby playing with musical instruments on the floor

However, toys for children under 12 have to be third party laboratory tested now before sold in the U.S., don’t expect that all toys are automatically safe.

However, regularly changes are made to the U.S toy safety laws, still, it works mainly in a reactive way, and action to change laws is mainly taken after incidents occur. Your judgement and critical eye are crucial in the process of selecting top-rated baby toys.

Choosing eco-friendly or organic toys is not a bad idea and have many benefits for your baby and the environment. Still, research brands or retailers when you don’t know a brand and its reputation, especially when you purchase toys online.

What top rated baby toys do you select for your infant and children?

Please share any comments below.

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  1. Hi! I am a dad for the first time. I have been researching this topic. Children can be hurt by unsafe toys in numerous ways, including falls, choking, strangulation, burns, drowning, and poisoning.

    One important point is size. Toys need to be large enough — minimum 1¼ inches (3 centimetres) in diameter and 2¼ inches (6 centimetres) in length — so that they can’t be swallowed or lodged in the windpipe. A small-parts tester, or choke tube, can determine if a toy is too small for our baby. We do well to pay attention to this.

    • Hi Paolo, thanks for leaving us a comment and sharing your finding with us. So true that toys can be dangerous in numerous ways, and chocking is most definitely one of the scary scenarios possible. 

      There are so many aspects to pay attention to when purchasing toys, including those you just mentioned in your comment.

      Doing research is definetly advisable when buying toys, and luckily there are eco-friendly and organic options available which can be great choices when looking for non-toxic toys.



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