The Best Bamboo Baby Clothes-Review on Petit Bamboo baby clothes

Bamboo baby clothes


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Are you researching for the best bamboo baby clothes for your baby?

If the answer is yes, and sustainability and non-toxic garments are a priority for you, you have arrived at the right place. We are reviewing the baby clothes form Petit Bamboo today who has an eco-friendly focus and a quality guarantee.

Did you hear of Petit Bamboo before?

Let’s learn a little more about this Aussie Bamboo brand first!

What is the brand Petit Bamboo?

Did you hear of Petit Bamboo before?

Petit Bamboo is a small family-owned business in Australia, and we purchased some of their garments. We were excited to find out about the quality and how the material would feel. Overall, we tend to buy more organic cotton than bamboo baby clothes, so we felt excited to try something different. Does Petit Bamboo have the best Bamboo baby clothes online?

Read along to learn more about our experience and impressions of Petit bamboo baby clothes.

Details of reviewed Petit bamboo garments

Reviewed item 1Bamboo Harem pants
Retail Price $24.95
Available Sizes0-3m 3-6m 6-12m
12-18m 2, 6
Colour optionsPink, blue and White
FabricJersey (stretch), 95% viscose derived from bamboo / 5% Elastane. 
CertifiedYes, Oeko-Tex 100 certified to ensure there are no harmful chemicals and toxin-free.
Reviewed items 2Bamboo Baby Short Sleeve Top | Kangaroo
Retail price$24,95
Available sizes03m 3- 6m 6-12m, size 2
FabricJersey (stretch), 95% viscose derived from bamboo / 5% Elastane
CertifiedOeko-Tex 100 certified, to ensure there are no harmful chemicals and toxin-free
Coupon code for 25% offJUSTCUTEBAMBOO
Where to order?You can use your Coupon code here
Details of our reviewed bamboo clothes from Petit Bamboo

Is Petit Bamboo baby clothes Organic?

This is a good question, and perhaps one of the first things coming to mind as a lot of clothes is labelled organic as off today.

There is a lot of misconception about organic bamboo baby clothes, and we would love to take the opportunity to clarify this today. If you browse the net, you probably have seen plenty of advertisements of organic bamboo baby clothes. However, it is doubtful these garments are organic as organic bamboo is very uncommon indeed.

You see, as a Bamboo brand, you CAN NOT apply for certification with the biggest Organic standard of the textile industry G.O.T.S (Global organic textile standard), as they do not consider Bamboo as a natural fibre).

Best baby clothes online-Baby girl wearing Petit Bamboo harem pants and ultra soft Kangaroo T-shirt
Best baby clothes online-Baby girl wearing Petit Bamboo harem pants and ultra soft Kangaroo T-shirt

Some may call bamboo garments organic, however, in most cases bamboo is not organic, and claims may be (perhaps unintended) falsely made. In most cases, people most probably refer to the facts that bamboo doesn’t need toxic chemicals to grow successfully. However, this is true; still, you can not presume the bamboo is grown organically unless the trees are grown on organic farms.

If you claim your product is organic, you have to be able to follow up that claim. There is a way for bamboo garments to become certified organic through Nebraska’s place where you can become certified organic if you wish to do so, but you have to follow up with their requirements.

Still, as mentioned before, keep in mind that organic bamboo is definitely not mainstream, and research is advised that organic claims are valid and do not come under ‘greenwashing‘ marketing.

Bamboo brands can apply for another certification, though called Oeko-tex

Benefits of Oeko-tex baby clothes?

Did you notice that the baby clothes of petit bamboo are Oeko-tex certified?

Maybe you have heard about the Oeko-tex certification before, but just in case you didn’t come across this standard just yet, we will briefly explain what Oeko-tex certified actually mean for you as a consumer. As Oeko-tex standard is more commonly used nowadays, you probably will come across their logo’s when you are aware of their existence.

Perhaps you have heard about some of the concerns of toxic chemicals used in the textile industry. However, Bamboo doesn’t need pesticides to grow successfully; some techniques used to break down the bamboo still use toxic substances for this process.

Choosing a natural fibre doesn’t automatically mean the fabric made is free of harmful substances. The concerns of leftover toxins in garments have come to more parents’ attention now, and certifications like Oeko-tex 100 are here to ensure parents that the garments they buy are tested to be free of harmful toxins.

However, Bamboo brands can’t apply for G.O.T.S bamboo baby clothes can certify for another standard like Oeko-tex 100. Baby clothes certified with Oeko-tex can give you peace of mind the garments are free of harmful chemicals.

Is Petit Bamboo a sustainable choice?

Petit Bamboo is an Australian owned baby clothes label with an eco-friendly focus and a great sustainable choice.

Bamboo has excellent sustainable qualities for sustainable baby clothes as bamboo grows super fast and doesn’t need much water to grow. It also doesn’t need pest or herbicides to grow successfully, which is great news for the environments.

Many parents as off today following a more sustainable lifestyle, and when it comes to choosing clothes for their little, they have to align with their lifestyle choices ideally. Luckily sustainable choices are becoming more popular, and more durable choices are offered across several innovative businesses online.

The brand Petit Bamboo highly values sustainability, and leaving a smaller eco-footprint with their garments is high on their priority list. Petit Bamboo is very considered while making choices for their brand and value sustainability.

Benefits of bamboo fabric baby clothes

Underneath you can find a list with some of the unique benefits of Bamboo Fabric.

Best Bamboo baby clothes-Bamboo forest.
Best Bamboo baby clothes-Bamboo forest.
  • Perfect properties to wick moisture away from the skin
  • Petit Bamboo baby clothes are ultra-soft
  • Doesn’t irritate babies’ sensitive skin
  • Bamboo is resistant to dust mites
  • High moisture absorbency
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Odour resistant
  • Bamboo is great in regulating temperature
  • Bamboo is Hypoallergenic and reduced changes on skin reactions
  • Eco-friendly fabric
  • An environmentally sustainable choice

Shipping items of Petit bamboo

  • Petit Bamboo offers free delivery in AUS for orders over $60
  • Regular Flat Rate shipping is available Australia wide for $6.95
  • However, Petit Bamboo is an Australian brand; they offer international shipping worldwide.

If you order with Petit Bamboo, they will send you an email with a tracking number when they have dispatched your order. Usually ordered with be dispatched the same or next business day.

Australia Post is Petit Bamboo’s first choice of shipping service. When you would like to use express shipping you are asked to contact Petit Bamboo before checking out.

Petit Bamboo’s Quality guarantee

When you choose to give petit bamboo a go, you soon will find out how luxurious and soft their products are. You will find a special note added by each order to inform you that the garments have to be treated with care due to the fabric’s delicate nature.

Best bamboo baby clothes online-Petit Bamboo logo
Best bamboo baby clothes online-Petit Bamboo logo

Bamboo is a perfect choice for a warmer climate, and we especially found the garments extremely suitable for sleeping as they are super soft and comfy. The fabrics’ thermal regulating properties are perfect for maintaining a comfy temperature and keeping baby skin cool and dry.

Petit Bamboo is high quality and gives a quality guarantee and if you are not happy with the products, and they are offering to pay you back in full if you are not satisfied with the quality

Is Petit Bamboo’s sizing true to size?

We ordered size 2 for our baby clothes and found the sizes true to size. Petit Bamboo is an Australia Brand, and all their garments have Australian sizes. As a general rule, the size is the age of the child. However, the weight of the baby has to be considered, as well.

However, Petit Bamboo is a baby brand, for some of their products they offer bigger sizes as well all the way up to size 6, perfect if you like to dress siblings in matching outfits.

How do Petit bamboo ensure size labels don’t itch?

Petit Bamboo is all about comfort for your baby, and the label choice also aligns with these priorities. Therefore Petit Bamboo has chosen for tagless size labels. The labels are heat transferred onto the inside of the collar for the bamboo shirts and the waist area for the harem trousers.

Petit bamboo has really thought everything to let your baby feel comforted and nourished in their luxury garments. Itchy labels will not disturb their comfort or irritate their sensitive skin.

Does Petit bamboo have the best bamboo baby clothes?

Petit Bamboo is an Australian owned baby clothes brand who has a high eco-friendly focus. Petit Bamboo stands guarantee for their quality, and their collection contains classic, unique prints and designs.

Does Petit bamboo deliver and keep their promise?

We believe they do, and we love the luxurious ultra-soft garments and are very happy with the product we ordered.

Petit Bamboo is perfect for parents following sustainable lifestyles and living in warmer climates like us and valuating quality over quantity.

For the best bamboo baby clothes, you are at the right place as Petit Bamboo baby clothes leave a smaller eco-footprint and are tested to be free of harmful substances as well.

Do you like to try Petit Bamboo for your newborn or little person?

You can use the coupon code JUSTCUTEBAMBOO and receive 25% of your total order.

Excited to learn more?

You can browse all luxurious Petit Bamboo baby clothes here.

What is your favourite fabric for baby clothes? Please leave us your thought and comments below.


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  1. I’m so happy that I have found this site. My best friend just had a baby, and I was looking for a gift. Now not only that I have never heard about Petit Bamboo, but I didn’t know that there are bamboo clothes on the market. Yep, I’m that uninformed. I’m happy to read what organic really means as bamboo is concerned. Very informative. Even if there may be a limited choice in the products, I want to buy from a business with such respect for the ecosystem.

    • Hi there, thank you for stopping by and your interest in bamboo baby clothes. You friend will love luxurious soft bamboo baby clothes for sure. They are gentle for babies’ skin, and fabrics like bamboo or organic cotton are great choices to minimize the risk of discomfort from wearing garments. At the same time, they are more friendly choices for the environments as well. 

      Don’t forget to use the code JUSTCUTEBABMBOO to receive 25% per cent off your complete order.

      Wishing you a fantastic day and week ahead.


  2. I prefer non-toxic garments for myself and my children but was unaware of the benefits of bamboo baby clothing until I came across your post. I love how Petit Bamboo is a small company, making me want to support them even more! I found the process of applying to be certified organic, very interesting and informative. I will be sending your post to my friends who have babies.

    • Hi Lily, thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment today. 

      We are happy to hear our article was helpful for you. We think it is important to clarify different certifications and their benefits to people to make an informed decision. 

      However, bamboo is by many not considered a natural fibre and G.O.T.S don’t accept bamboo brands for their certifications while residing in the U.S you might be able to find certified organic bamboo garments. However, we are not able to suggest particular brands at this stage.

      Petit Bamboo is unique Australian-based, Bussiness but ships internationally. However, organic certification is not possible for bamboo brands here; they have certified themselves with Oeko-tex, which guarantees the garments are free of harmful substances for humans at least.

      We love Petit Bamboo, and their new super soft Koala and Kangaroo design Tshirts.

      Feel free to share the discount code JUSTCUTEBAMBOO with your friend to receive 25% off by checking out. 

      Have a wonderful day.


  3. Everything you talk about pertain to bamboo is so useful to me as an actual fan of bamboo! I really appreciate this entire website because you go into the niche of a very particular group of people like myself. I struggle to find a website like this one that actually takes in-depth looks at bamboo and other things that I find very interesting. Thank you for this article

    • Hi Misael, thanks for stopping by, we are glad to hear our content is helpful for you. We feel passionate to give transparent information to people to help them in making well informed decision. 

      If you like to stay up to date with our latest content, you can use the sign up box situated on the right site of our homepage.

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