NEW Rascal Friends Eco Nappies are here-{2021}

Rascal Friends Eco Nappies Review-Basket filled with Rascal Friends Eco Nappies.
Rascal Friends Eco Nappies Review-Basket filled with Rascal Friends Eco Nappies.

Rascal & Friends is a trendy premium nappy brand that claims to use ‘no nasties’ and is perfect for sensitive skin. However, the premium nappies claiming to have no nasties should say fewer nasties as these nappies are not categorized as biodegradable or compostable. Rascal and friends have recently stepped up their game and launched a brand new nappy line called Rascal Friend Eco Nappies. You may wonder how sustainable there newest launched nappy really is?

Exciting development all over in eco nappies world as the number of brands selling eco nappies is rising rapidly.

Shall we have a look at Rascal & Friends efforts to bring a ‘greener’ nappy on the market?

Ok, let’s get started with a brief introduction of the Rascal brand.

About Rascal & Friends

Rascal& Friends is a popular supermarket nappy brand, and it makes perfect sense why they are so popular indeed. Rascal & Friends premium nappies making a good fit with the ongoing trends on sustainable live styles choices.

The awareness of environmental issues has increased significantly for many parents and families. Rascal & Friends sells nappies with no nasties for an affordable price, fitting a broader audience’s budget. Also, the nappies performance is outstanding, making this nappy brand a no brainer to be very popular under mums and carers.

Plastic and chemicals used in disposable nappies are worrisome for our babies and our environment as well. The founders of Rascal&Friends are parents themselves, and they had issues to find a suitable nappy for their baby with skin issues.

They ended up creating a premium nappy with ‘No nasties’ who are not only more gentle on babies skin, but more sustainable for our environment as well. However, the premium nappies were not classified as biodegradable nappies or alternative called eco nappies.

So while ‘No nasties’ might be not entirely true, Rascal &Friends are on the right track to offer a more sustainable nappy with fewer nasties and outstanding performance.

Rascal & Friends have continued their journey and are now offering a new eco nappy which is plant-based and a more sustainable option than your Premium eco nappy.

Rascal & Friends eco nappies

However, nappies claiming to use ‘no nasties’ may have been satisfying parents for a while, the trends on sustainable choices continuing and many families are no longer satisfied with the claim no nasties and want to learn more details about there sustainable products.

Rascal Friends Eco Nappies Review-Shelve stacked with Rascal Friends Eco nappies
Rascal Friends Eco Nappies Review-Shelve stacked with Rascal Friends Eco nappies.

Parents and carers are becoming more knowledgeable about environmentally friendly choices and looking for the most sustainable choice when choosing a disposable nappy. They either look for biodegradable nappies or even more preferable, compostable nappies and Rascal& friends nappies didn’t meet either of those criteriums. Time to op their game to keep up with parents requirements.

Fast forward, Rascal & Friends launch a brand new range of eco nappies’.

Let’s have a look at the feautures of Rascal& friends eco nappies to learn more.

What makes this new Rascal & Friends NappiesECO’?

The ink used on the nappies?Water-based ink
The back sheet of the nappy?Plant-based back sheet
Biofilm in the nappy?Plant-based biofilm
Any nasties?No nasties(we get into this more a bit later)
Packaging of the nappyHome Compostable
Eco nappyNot compostable
The tissue used in the nappySustainable tissue

Common challenges for eco nappy brands

Well, this sounds, like a nice list of sustainable choices and it is great they try to make a more sustainable nappy like many other eco nappy brands try as well. It is just a little disappointing that only the sustainable improvements are communicated, and the areas of sustainable challenges are left behind.

However there are fewer nasties and less plastic in these eco nappies, no nasties at all might be not entirely true as a there are a few areas all eco brands are struggling with to use plant-based materials for. Let’s have a look at some challenging areas in need of natural replacements.

  • Absorbancy-Many eco nappies try to replace Sap (super absorbent polymers) with products like cornstarch to absorb liquid however only using cornstarch doesn’t do the trick, and a certain amount of sap is still required in eco nappies.
  • Polyethylene– This is a lightweight plastic used to make a nappy stretchy and flexible and is essential to create a disposable nappy. Eco nappy brand is challenged to find natural replacements for these substances used, and the success breakthrough technique is yet to be found.
  • Plastic in tags– All tags, of either regular disposable nappies or eco disposable nappies still have some percentage of plastic in them. Plastic takes over 500 years to break down and finding a suitable plant-based replacement for the tags will be a huge breakthrough for eco nappies.

Importance of being transparent to consumers

One Eco nappy brand which is very open about their sustainable journey and includes the challenging areas to there audience as well is Ecoriginals. Eco nappies of Ecoriginals claim to be 90 %biodegradable and have tested that 90% of their nappy breaks down within 3 months if disposed of correctly.

It would be great to see more brands doing the same thing and be upfront and transparent about their eco products.

How sustainable eco-products really are is sometimes hard to get your head around as unfortunately, most brands are not as transparent as Ecorigianals are.

Rascal Friends Eco Nappies Review-Rascal Friends Eco nappies pack size 4
Rascal Friends Eco Nappies Review-Rascal Friends Eco nappies pack size 4

Of course, everyone wants to sell their product, and however, Rascal & Friends is a great nappy brand for an affordable price it would be great if they shared more sustainable details with their audience. Being transparent allows more parents to make informed decisions within their sustainable journey.

No nasties sound great, but not entirely accurate and upfront. Almost all disposable nappies, either eco friendly or not, contain a certain amount of chemicals to function sufficiently. Several eco brands have achieved home compostable packaging for their nappies, though, which is a great start.

Questions we asked Rascal Friends about there new Eco nappies

As we were not able to find answers for the questions we had in regards of Rascal Friends Eco nappies sustainable value, we asked Rascal and friends a couple of questions to learn more about their new Eco nappy.

Question 1– What percentage of Rascal Friend Eco nappy is biodegradable?

Answer– Our Premium Eco nappy is made with 55-60 % (amounts vary per size) plant-based materials

Question 2– How long does it take for Rascal Friends Eco nappy to break down?

Answer- By using plant based materials, our eco nappy ontains several biodegradble feautuer, inclucing the biofilm, pulp, tissue wrap, back and top sheet. These materials will break down faster than tradition synthectic materials.

Our nappies are not fully compostable or biodegrdable and are required to dispose in the general rubish bin but will leave a smaller footprint.

(It is obvious Rascal Friends is putting a genuine effort to make a ‘greener’ nappy, and any action is appreciated and an improvement from regular disposable nappies. Unfortunately, they cannot estimate how long it will take for the nappy to break down in landfill at this stage).

Most sustainable Eco nappie in Australia?

Still, only one brand has created a disposable nappy and used 100% plant-based materials only. Yes, you heard it right, no plastic and no harmful chemicals indeed.

There is only one disposable nappy on the Australian market who doesn’t contain plastic and harmful chemicals. One brand stood out from the crowd and didn’t create a biodegradable nappy, but jumped the queue and launched the first 100% compostable nappy of Australia endorsed by Compost Australia, very exciting indeed!

Final thoughts on Rascal & Friends Eco nappies

Look, let’s put it this way, Rascal & Friends are a great affordable nappy brand and their effort to create a more sustainable product is wonderful. Compared to other eco nappies they are a fair bit cheaper with just over $0,50 ct per nappy for size 4, while you pay just over $0,99 per nappy for the brand Ecorignal(when you buy them per pack, in bulk is cheaper approx $0,91).

When we compare Rascal Friends Eco nappies (60% biodegradable) with Ecorignals (90% biodegradable), Ecorignals are definitely a more sustainable choice. Still, not everyone can effort $0.99ct per nappy or perhaps Ecorignals are no good with their baby. Rascal and friend will give a broader audience a chance to make a more sustainable choice which is very beneficial.

(Soon we will share some more details about the performance of Rascal Friends new Eco nappies).

Are you interested in trying out the new Eco nappies of Rascal & Friends already? They are only available in limited shops at this stage.

Rascal & Friends have mentioned keeping working on the sustainability of their nappies. Hopefully, they will start sharing some more detailed information with the public in which areas they try to improve and how sustainable the current Eco nappies really are.

I think their audience will truly appreciate them for being open and transparent and we hope that the details we gave you about Rascal Friends eco nappies help you answer some question you may have.

Keep up the great work Rascal & Friends for creating an affordable supermarket eco nappy!

Did you try Rascal & Friends Eco nappies yet? Share your thought and experience in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “NEW Rascal Friends Eco Nappies are here-{2021}”

  1. While these nappies are not compostable, it looks like the company has gone to great lengths to offer a better product.  The use of sustainable plant and water-based components is a step in the right direction.  The affordable cost ensures that more people will be able to use them.    Let’s hope they will continue to strive to do good for the earth.

    • Hi Cynthia, thank you for stopping by and sharing your insight on eco nappies with us today. 

      And you are very right, many eco nappie brands working hard to improve their biodegradable nappies. Especially originals are very open and honest towards their audience how ‘green’ their nappies are and which area their nappies still need improvement. I think today’s parents appreciate this and this allows them to make well-informed choices.

      For parents who require disposable nappies and interested in taking this even one step further fully compostable nappies would be word checking out. Compostable nappies are not well known just yet. Still, the performance is excellent, and we are lucky Compost Australia endorses one brand in Australia.

      In some local councils in Australia, you can dispose of these nappies in a compostable bag in the fruit and veg bin now.

      Exciting sustainable development in nappy land indeed! 



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