Rascal & Friends Eco nappies Review-{2021}

Rascal Friends Eco nappies review-Basket filled with Rascal Friends Eco nappies.
Rascal Friends Eco Nappies Review-Basket filled with Rascal Friends Eco Nappies.

As you may have heard, Rascal & friends Eco nappies are here. They recently launched a ‘greener’ nappy which is more affordable than other eco nappies on the market.

You may wonder, though, do they work?

And not less important as well, how ‘green’ are these supermarket Eco nappies?

Well, don’t worry as we have you covered. We trialled the newest Rascal friends nappies out to learn more about this product, and in this review, we will share our experience of using this ‘greener’ nappy.

Are Rascal & Friends worth while to spend the extra money?

Good question and we will get to this soon, but first, up let’s get started with some of the details of this new eco nappies.

Overview of the details of Rascal Friends Eco nappies

Rascal Friends
ProductEco nappies
Weight range10-15 kilo
Nappies per pack36
Price per nappy$0.52
Available atLimited coles supermarkets only
Details of Rascal Friends Eco nappies

How sustainable are eco nappies?

Many parents are following a more sustainable lifestyle now and are more aware of the environmental concerns of the millions of nappies going to landfill in Australia alone.

As you may know, regular disposable nappies are full of plastic, and for the nappy to completely break down, it can take up to hundreds of years, worrying facts for our enviroment and the future planet of our babies.

More parents have become more aware of environmental concerns nowadays and try to make choices that negatively impact the environment.

Many brands have launched ‘eco nappies’ now, a ‘greener’ replacement for the regular disposable nappy. Still, there is one issue with these eco nappies that makes them not accessible for all families interested in making a more sustainable choice.

You probably guessed what the issue is?

Yes, the price indeed.

More sustainable Premium Eco nappies

We have tried out multiple premium eco nappies, and some premium brands have an independent Eco-credential which back up their genuine sustainable efforts. In all, all these premium eco nappies have performed great for us, but they do not come cheap.

Most brands offer some discount on eco nappies when you purchase them in bulk. The discount given is various per brand, but Bamboo Nature gives some of the most attractive discounts when purchasing their nappies in bulk. Alternatively, you could consider a subscription with your favourite nappy brand, which gives you a discount on Eco nappies too.

If you can’t justify purchasing some of the more expensive premium eco nappy brands, Rascal Friend Eco nappies may be worth considering.

However, the nappies may not be as sustainable as some of the top leading eco nappies; still, it improves conventional disposables. After all, less plastic is always a win, right?.

You may know these nappies are more affordable, but no less importantly, you probably like to know how they perform, right?

Yes, fair question and we will answer you question underneath.

Greener choices are great, but do Rascal & Friends eco nappies perform?

So, how do Rascal Friends Eco nappies perform?

Yes, this is a fundamental question, indeed. Nobody wants to purchase a poor performing nappy right?

We have been using Rascal Friends premium nappies as a disposable option for a while now, and we have a lot of faith in this brand who actually never has let us down when it comes down to performance.

‘However, Rascal Friends Eco nappies provide a moe affordable eco nappy, this disposable is still only made from 55-60 per cent of biodegradable. Still, the percentage is higher than Tooshies by Tom, who contains under 50% of biodegradable ingredients and is a similar price as Rascal & Friends Eco nappies.

I am happy to say that the Rascal & Friends Eco edition is a great preformer like we would expect from Rascal Friends. You can tell that the eco nappy is softer than the premium rascal Friends by touching the nappy.

However, you can tell this Rascal & Friends eco nappies are not as strong as the Rascal & Friends premium edition; this eco nappy did the trick and performed without fail overnight without any leaks.

Are the Eco nappies strong enough?

You can tell the eco nappy is less strong as the nappy start to hang baggy when it starts to get heavy. It doesn’t hold it’s shaped like the premium nappies do; however, we have not found it to use, though effectively. (This is after a 12 hour night)

We do have to mention that we very recently had one downfall with the eco nappies as the liner ripped and the complete insert full of absorbers fell out while changing babies’ nappy in the morning. I have never seen the complete insert of a nappy fall out with any other (eco) nappies, and we have trialled (around five different brands).

Still, perhaps this single nappy was just a very unlucky dip? However, I do have to mention that the liner of the nappy looks relatively thin. The little absorbers were all stuck on the baby as well, and she needed a shower to get all the sticky filling removed from her body, not ideal.

Generally speaking, we love Rascal Friends and are impressed with these nappies’ performance and hopefully, this was a one-off incident of an faulty nappy.

Availability of the new Rascal Friends Eco nappies

Rascal Friends Eco nappies are available in limited Coles supermarkets; perhaps this will change over time when their new nappy range becomes successful, but only time will tell if this is the case.

Are you interested in finding out the closest branch where you can purchase Rascal Friends Eco nappies?

You can find this out which branches stock the Rascal Friends Eco nappies here.

The verdict of Rascal Friends Eco nappies, are they worthwhile?

However, we have not used the Rascal Friends Eco nappies for an extended period yet; we have used the Rascal Friends premium for quite some time as a night time disposable nappy.

However, we did have one downfall with a ripped liner and nappy explosion with Rascal Friends’ eco nappy; we don’t like to write of Rascal Friends eco nappies based on one downfall and feel forgivable as Rascal Friends have never let us down before. Still, we will update this post if more issues occur with their eco range.

If you are looking for the most sustainable disposable nappies, there are better options out there with higher sustainable credentials for sure. There are even compostable nappies available in Australia who will win the race regarding sustainability as these not contain any plastic at all.

But if you are looking for an affordable, more sustainable disposable, Rascal Friends might be the perfect nappy to fit into your lifestyle.

Live is a journey, not an destination!

Have you tried Rascal Friends Eco nappies yet?


Rascal Friends Eco Nappies size 4









  • Affordable Eco option
  • Good performance
  • Good fit


  • 55-60 biodigrdable
  • Only available in limited locations
  • Thin liner-might break?

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  1. Hi

    As a mother of 3 kids, I am forever interested in reading articles that talk about anything that concerns my little ones. I am grateful to have found your website. I am in love with your articles, not only the Rascal and Friends Eco Nappies. Thank you, as I will be bookmarking it for future reference.

    Back to this particular article, taking care of our environment should be our number one priority for our children’s future. As much as the Rascal & Friend Eco nappies may seem pricey, any great thing does not come cheap in life. If we want a good future for our children, I do believe these are the nappies to choose, for the sake of our environment.

    Thank you for your article. I have taught me a lot, and I believe all the parents need to read it.


    • Hi Boi, it is so nice to meet you here. You are so right, choosing products that are putting less strain on the enviroment is probably one of the greatest gifts for our children’s future. Even though we might not always make sustainable perfect choices, every step we can take and are an improvement is a win.

      It is a shame some sustainable products come with a price tag and might be out of reach for some. Still, more affordable sustainable products and services become available what makes sustainable live style choices more accessible. Site note that learning about sustainable products is advisable; not all companies are transparent about their sustainable efforts, and greenwashing products are not uncommon.

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  2. Amazing! In fact, I love it. These diapers are super cheap and excellent quality. The no chemicals are a bonus. Would totally recommend. My daughter pees a lot at night, and they work all night.  My favourite nappies by far! They absorb so much; my bub sleeps hours, full nappy and no leaks! 

    Rascal + Friends hold so much liquid and keep bub dry, so they’ve never given my baby nappy rash.

    I love these nappies!

    • Hi there, yes Rascal Friends are definitely a great affordable option for an eco nappy, and these nappies perform really well in our experience too, it is impressive how much liquid they can hold right?

      Thanks for sharing your experience with these nappies with us today, we appreciate it.



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