Organic Bamboo Baby Clothes-{Is Bamboo a natural fibre}?

Organic bamboo baby clothes-Newborn wearing bamboo onesie and bamboo headband with pink heart print.
Organic bamboo baby clothes-Newborn babywearing bamboo onesie and bamboo headband with pink hearts.

Trends in Organic products are enormous, and we see no shortage of products labelled organic for sure. Perhaps you are considering organic baby clothes for your newborn and like to learn more about your options. Today we are going to talk about Organic bamboo baby clothes and find out of the title organic bamboo is justified.

Is bamboo actually considered a natural fibre ?

Let’s have a look a little more in-depth what Organic bamboo baby clothes really are, shall we?

Why organic baby clothes Matter?

You may wonder if buying organic baby clothes is really necessary as it can be quite a bit more expensive compared to some regular baby clothes, right? What are organic baby clothes really? Is it word while?

Organic baby clothes are made without the use of harmful chemicals. So from the start of growing the crop, up till manufacturing baby clothes, and having the end products in hand, there have no harmful chemicals for humans being used.

Yeah, I hear what you are saying, that is great but can I invest in a wardrobe filled with organic baby clothes for my newborn, let’s be honest it definitely adds up.

The good news is, though, that innovative businesses out there have become quite popular and have created a platform and community to purchase pre-loved organic baby clothes in good condition.

This new selling modules we are seeing is fascinating and promising to make organic garments accessible for a broader audience of people interested in buying organic baby clothes but can not justify the price tags of new organic baby clothes.

When we are talking about the pricing of organic baby clothes and you would compare them with some expensive designer baby clothes, organic baby clothes are actually not all that expensive after all and their price tags are very justified.

Overall you are paying a fair price for high-quality clothing, and you are purchasing a save non-chemical free garment for your little person what is a priceless feeling.

Can anyone call their product Organic?

Good question and yes they can. There are standards to follow up for calling your products organic, but these standards are voluntary only. Brands are expected to follow up the rules regarding the term they use on their products labels. Misleading claims are against the law. However, organic products are not checked before they end up in the shop.

Brands have to follow up with the claims they make about there products, so when they write 100% organic on the label, it has to be 100% organic indeed. However, the consumer has not any guarantee the products are actually 100% organic.

The only way to be sure of products are Organic and follow up with the claims they make are when the products are certified organic.

What you need to know about certified Organic

Calling your products Organic is a great marketing tool for brands as they know how popular the trends on sustainable products are and how well organic products sell. After all, marketers want to tell people what they want to hear. However, as mentioned before, organic products have no guarantee to be organic except when they have a certification.

As far a baby clothes go, G.O.T.S is a world-leading standard you can apply for. G.O.T.S stands for Global Organic Textile Standards, and brands who like to carry the G.O.T.S standards have to adhere to the stringent standards.

Products you find in the shop who are certified organic, are tested to be free of harmful substances. But that is not where it stops as certified organic products have to meet high ethical and environmental standards.

When you purchase G.O.T.S certified organic baby clothes, you are buying a product made for fair trade. These workers have excess to a safe working enviroment and being paid a fair, livable wage. There are also stringent standards for water waste. Only eco-friendly dyes can make the clothing to ensure an eco-friendly approach is in place with minimal strain on the environment.

Can bamboo baby clothes be certified organic?

You will notice organic cotton baby clothes regularly as it is great to make super soft baby clothes. Several brands carry the G.O.T.S logo as well, which is great for costumers to recognise baby clothes tested to be free from harmful substances by a globally trustworthy standard.

Even though the term organic is commonly used for bamboo baby clothes, the claim is perhaps not used in the most accurate way as Bamboo is not considered an organic fibre by most‘,

When we talk about bamboo baby clothes this works a little bit different…

Organic bamboo baby clothes-Bamboo forest.
Organic bamboo baby clothes-Bamboo forest.

When you browse the internet, you may have noticed baby clothes named ‘Organic Bamboo’.

However, the term ‘organic’ is used commonly; certified organic bamboo is not mainstream and not recognised by most as an organic fibre.

E.g., Bamboo clothing brands don’t have the opportunity to certify their garments with G.O.T.S. Bamboo is not accepted with the G.O.T.S standards because bamboo is not considered a ‘natural’ fibre by most people.

Bamboo is not considered ‘natural’ because bamboo is broken down into pulp first before spun into a rayon or viscose first.

However, the G.O.T.S don’t recognise bamboo as an organic fibre. In Amerika, there is an option to become certified bamboo as an organic product through a non for profit organisation in Nebraska, called the OCIA(Organic Crop Improvement Association). The OCIA offers an organic certification for bamboo products made from bamboo grown on organic farms that followed the Organic international standards.

So the answer is yes?

Indeed, the answer is yes; bamboo baby clothes can be Organic. However, it is not likely as most bamboo baby clothes are not organic. A more common certification used in bamboo baby clothes is OEKO-TEX.

Oeko-Tex is another globally recognised standard you can certify with if you have any products containing textile. If products are certified with Oeko-tex, you can ensure that every item on the products you buy is tested and free of harmful chemicals for humans.

The Oeko-Tex institute test products for harmful substances and the list of harmful substances updated yearly by the Oeko-Tex expert. However, keep in mind that it is not the same as buying organic.

Oeko-Tex label isn’t the same as Organic as it doesn’t give you the same reinsurance as G.O.T.S does. Still, it is great peace of mind for consumers to know that the product you purchase is free from humans’ humans’ humans’ harmful substances.

Are Bamboo baby clothes a sustainable choice?

Organic bamboo baby clothes-Sleeping baby wearing cute bamboo outfit.
Organic bamboo baby clothes-Sleeping baby wearing cute bamboo outfit.

Bamboo is a great sustainable choice for baby clothes as it grows speedy and doesn’t need much water to grow.

Also, bamboo has natural antibacterial properties, and when no harsh chemicals are used during the manufacturing, these unique benefits remain while turned into luxurious baby clothes.

Final thoughts on bamboo baby clothes

When you want to be ensured no harsh chemicals are used in the process, look for certification of the clothing you buy like Oeko-Tex to ensure your babies skin is protected. If you are chasing organic bamboo baby clothes, you will find baby clothes claiming to be organic, enquire about any certification to ensure the claim is valid and you are aware of your buy.

Even though Bamboo doesn’t need pesticides to grow successfully doesn’t mean that no pesticides are actually used at the bamboo is grown. You would only have certainty the plant is grown without any toxics if the plant were developed on an organic farm, and the product you bought was certified organic.

Also, keep in mind that some techniques to break down bamboo use harmful substances. If you need to know baby clothes are actually free of harmful substances, look for bamboo baby clothes brands certified with standards like Oeko-tex standard as this will give you peace of mind bamboo baby clothes are save.

I hope this information is helpful for you and any questions, please leave them in the comments below.


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  1. Hello. Good day. Thanks for the wonderful article on organic bamboo baby clothes. I will guess that these clothes are so comfortable for the baby. And also it won’t give the baby any rash or any form of discomfort. Making things from natural material is very good because it not only looks good; it provides good benefits as well. Thanks again for this article. Will be waiting for more.

    • Thanks, Bob for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, so true, bamboo is so comfortable to wear and a great sustainable choice as well. We will be posting more about bamboo in the future. To date with our latest article, you are welcome to sign up for our newsletter on the homepage, and we keep you informed.

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  2. I never before knew that Organic Bamboo baby clothes existed, so I had to read the whole article. What is interesting to me is that you can actually trust the certified label. I always thought it was just something used to attract customers. I will be showing this to my daughter, who is aware of and uses organic products and eats organically grown vegetables and meats. If the price is higher than other products, at least you are buying something healthy for your baby. Thank you

    • Hi there, 

      Yes, certification labels are a great way to ensure you purchase genuine products; the requirements to carry those labels are stringent indeed. However, bamboo baby clothes are not considered organic; the Oeko-tex label can provide peace of mind that the garments are free of harmful substances. 

      If organic clothes are preferred, though, checking out organic cotton might be of your daughter’s interest. You can learn more about some quality organic baby clothes with G.O.T.S certification here.

      Best wishes to you and your family,


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