Is Loulou lollipop a non-toxic Baby Brand?

Is Lou lou lollipop a non-toxic Baby Brand?

Lou Lou Lollipop is a premium lifestyle baby brand for babies and kids from 0-6 where you can find high-end luxurious baby and kids goods such as beautiful swaddles, hooded towels, apparel and teether, pacifier clips, tableware and much more made from high-quality materials.

While this baby brand started with a design and selling a couple of teethers, the U.S based brand is now a famous sustainable-focused baby brand that sells its products in more than 30 countries.

Safety is one of the significant worries on any parent’s mind. So today, we chat about the Safety of LouLou lollipop products and the steps they take to ensure the Safety of their products.

Are the premium baby brand Lou Lou Lollipop products safe and non-toxic?

Let’s check it out…

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Is Loulou lollipop a non-toxic Baby brand?

Is Lou Lou lollipop non-toxic?- Baby wearing Lou Lou lollop outfit.

Lou Lou Lollipop has Safety high on its priority list as a sustainably focused baby brand and recognizes Safety as the essential priority.

Therefore, Lou Lou Lollipop takes various steps to ensure their baby goods are safe.

Lou Lou lollipop’s efforts to ensure the Safety of their goods include sampling new products and testing them not only with their own families but also with independent labs to ensure Safety and certifications are in place.

Are accessories

such as Lou Lou lollipop pacifier clips and teethers safe?

To ensure all products are safe and meet all safety standards, Lou Lou lollipop takes various steps, including sampling and third-party testing, to provide products that comply with ASTM(American Society for Testing and Material) & CSPIA (The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act).

All of Lou Lou Lollipop products are free of harmful substances and free of the following toxins.

  • Phthalates
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • BPA
  • PVC

What Fabrics does Lou Lou Lollipop use for their baby goods?

Lou Lou lollipop specializes in sustainability and non-toxic baby goods. Their fabric chooses to reflect these values with various fabric options with environmental considerations taken into consideration, as well as the Safety of your baby.

Underneath is a little overview of the fabrics used by Lou Lou Lollipop.


One of the fabrics used by Lou Lou lollipop is Tencel.

Tencel is Super soft, wrinkle-resistant, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial.

Tencel is considered an earth-friendly fabric as it reuses 99.5 % of water and solvents during the production process, which minimizes the environmental footprint.

Tencel is also considered a suitable fabric for sensitive skin.

AW22 – TENCEL Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog

from: Loulou Lollipop


Lou Lou lollipop uses Muslin fabric from a soft, breathable bamboo and cotton blend.

The benefits of this fabric are its suitability for sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of skin irritations.

The designs for this fabric are digitally printed to conserve energy and water compared to the traditional printing process.

Are Lou Lou Lollipop baby clothes safe and eco-friendly?

Is Lou Lou lollipop non toxic?-Baby wearing a dark colored bodysuit from Lou Lou lollipop.

However, Lou Lou Lollipop all started with two silicone doughnuts and ice dream teachers; the brand has since grown into a brand selling various kids’ goods, including an eco-friendlier sustainable clothing line.

Rest assured that all Tencel and Muslim fabric, Lou Lou lollipops used for their baby wear, are Oeko-tex certified.

This means the fabric is rigorously tested by the high standards of the independent Oeko tex experts to be safe from a wide range of regulated and unregulated harmful toxins for humans.

(Check for number 12 of the list for Lou Lou Lollipop)

Is Lou Lou Lollipop Ethical made?

At Lou Lou Lollipop, every factory the brand work with is BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) compliant, ensuring the payment of fair wages for workers, ethical business practices, and high health and safety standards for workers.

Final thoughts for Lou Lou lollipop?

Lou Lou Lollipop has been in the press review amongst many platforms recommending this brand for the best baby shower gift ideas, their eco-friendly clothing and sleepwear to love.

Lou Lou Lollipop has across their brand a sustainable and non-toxic focus backed up by the various steps they take to ensure the safety of their products, including sampling their products and testing from independent toys and fabric labs to ensure the safety of Non-toxic baby goods.

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