3 Stores to Browse for Green Guard Gold nursery furniture sets in Australia?

When you are on a mission to find baby nursery furniture sets tested for chemical emissions and are residing in Australia, you have landed on the right page.

The voluntary standard GreenGuard Gold has increasingly become more popular over time.

This is because many families follow more sustainable lifestyle trends and try to minimize chemical exposure for their family, especially for the baby. Green Guard gold nursery furniture can be a great start towards these goals.

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Always check that each nursery item you are interested in meets mandatory and aditionally voluntary certifications to be sure products meet your standards and expectations.

Which stores in Australia sell Green Guard Gold Nursery Furniture in Australia?

Products certified with the GreenGuard Gold certification are tested for the emission of many chemicals to help improve indoor air quality.

As a result, many families prefer to buy these products.

However, you do not have as much choice as in the U.S.; at Metro Baby, Baby Letto and Pottery Barn in Australia, you have some options to choose from.

Why GreenGuard Gold Can Be Worth It

As babies and young children are especially susceptible to exposure to chemicals, many parents put a lot of effort and care into minimising chemicals in babies’ environments.

Certifications like GreenGuard Gold can make it much easier for families to find low-tox nursery products.

Looking for certified products can help make it much easier to find products to help create a healthier indoor enviroment.

Where can you buy Green Guard Gold nursery furniture sets in Australia?

When residing in Australia and looking for GreenGuard gold-certified furniture, you have a few options.

Yet, compared to the U.S., your choices are still quite limited, and some of the significant nursery retailers in Australia, like Baby Bunting, don’t stock any collections yet certified with Green Guard gold.

One important thing to remember is that many brands selling baby nursery furniture have some products certified with GreenGuard gold. Yet, only very few have all their products certified.

Most commonly, you will see that brands choose to certify mattresses and cribs, but it is less common that brands have complete nursery furniture sets available that are Green Guard gold certified.

So, we advise checking each item thoroughly to learn which ones are Green Guard Gold certified.

Underneath, we will share three options with you to find Green Guard gold nursery furniture sets in Australia:

#1 Babyletto

Babyletto was initially established in the USA in 2010 but was also launched in Australia by Ubabub International in 2016.

Babyletto imports nursery furniture out of the U.S.; however, Baby Letto Australia has selected Green Guard gold nursery furniture available.

Babyletto Australia has no Green Guard gold nursery sets available at this stage, but there are only mainly GreenGuard Gold-certified cots.

Brands with Greenguard gold nursery items at Baby Letto include brands like Hudson, Lolli Gelato and Scoot.

To browse at Babyletto Australia, you can use the pink button below.

#2 Metro Baby

Metro Baby is a popular baby nursery retailer in Australia, with its store based in Victoria. But also, Metro’s online store is available to find their collections.

However, there is only a limited choice; Metro Baby does have a few Green Guard gold options for your baby’s nursery possibilities.

Metro Baby has four cots and three dresser-change tables to choose from at this stage that are Green Guard Gold certified.

Brands available to make a set for your nursery that you can find on their certified website include Hudson, Gelatto, Soot and Lolli.

You can find these Green Guard furniture items using the button below.

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#3 Pottery barn

Pottery Barn Australia has quite an exciting and unique selection of baby nursery sets that are GreenGuard gold-certified. Yet their products are not offered in sets.

Yet Pottery Barn has multiple pieces of brands that could create opportunities to create a Green Guard gold nursery set.

Pottery Barn Kids are especially great if you want unique brands and work with larger budgets.

Some brands you can find at Pottery Barn Kids Australia are Charlie, Blythe, Catalina and Larkin.

You can browse Green Guard Gold baby Nursery furniture at Pottery Barn Kids using the button below:

Final thoughts for GreenGuard Gold nursery furniture sets in Australia

However, they are not sold in sets, which may make your shopping experience less user-friendly. Pottery Barn Kids has Australia’s most generous collection of Greengard Gold nursery furniture.

The benefits of Metro Baby, however, are that it is easier to overview Green Guard gold furniture selections as it is pretty limited.

Sometimes, more is less and makes choosing much more straightforward.

At the same time, they still have a few options to make at least a two-piece Greenguard gold nursery furniture set, yet it depends on what you want, and the choice is somewhat limited.

Have you found your favourite GreenGuard gold nursery furniture sets in Australia yet?

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