Finn+Emma Rocker Review- Are The New Rocker boards Worth it?

In case you have not been aware of this, The eco-friendly, sustainable modern baby brand Finn + Emma has launched beside their unique O.M. rocker that can be used from birth till 8 years old, now also a ROCKER BOARD that can be used for older kids as a balance board.

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Finn and Emma’s rocker board review

The Finn + Emma balance rocker board is another unique, innovative product launched by Finn and Emma.

Customers reviewed Finn and Emma’s rocker boards well for the beautiful craftsman ships, the soft organic cushion and the fact they can be used as a fun Montessori balance board toy for older kids.

What is a rocker board?

A balance board rocker board is kind of a 2-in-1 product without compromising style or quality.

While this stylish, comfy rocker can first be a rocker for babies, later, it can function as a fun Montessori toy for toddlers by using this rocker as a balance rocker board.

balance board rocker – $199.00

Our new balance board rocker is a clever “two-in-one” that doesn’t skimp on style or quality. Its sleek design makes it a comfy rocker for baby—which can be repurposed into a balance board and fun Montessori toy for toddlers! Pretty neat, huh? And it looks great with any décor, so you don’t need to hide it when company comes.This item is made of sustainable birch wood. Baby will love the natural rocking motion furnished by the smooth curved wood. And toddlers will love the versatility of the balance board, which can help with their development of sensory skills, movement and exercise, and even imaginative play. It makes a great gift, too! Dimensions: 17″ wide x 35″ long on the curve. 31-1/2″ straight across Detachable organic cotton fabric pad (with buckles to secure baby)Maximum authorized weight: 105 pounds Rockers are not available for gift wrapping.

Are the Finn and Emma Rocker boards Eco-friendly?

Finn + Emma is a U.S. eco-friendly organic baby brand using G.O.T.S. certified cotton for baby clothes and fabric for rockers or play gym mats.

G.O.T.S. is one of the most respected organic standards around the globe and a great way to find genuinely organic products made ethically and in a safe enviroment.

Rocker board and baby gym bundles

Did you know that Finn and Emma also have a variety of nursery gear offered as bundles, such as their balance board and organic baby gym?

Balance Board Rocker & Play Gym Bundle – $269.00

Retail Price: $298.00
You Save: $29.00
from: FINN + EMMA, LLC

Read along what customers say about the Balance rocker board…

Finn and Emma rocker review-2 reviews for the Finn and Emma balance rockers.

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Final thoughts for Finn and Emma’s rocker boards

While both of Finn + Emma’s rockers can be used for an extended period of time, it will depend on your preferences and lifestyle choices which rocker will align better with your lifestyle.

Both rockers are reviewed well and made with an eco-friendly, non-toxic focus, yet the balance rocker boards can be used versatile while the O.M. Rockers can’t.

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