Does Carters have Organic Baby Clothes?

While Carter may not be the first brand coming to mind when thinking about organic baby clothes, significant children’s clothing retailers like Carter have come to terms with the necessity to increase their sustainable value.

These big names like Carters and Gerber gradually started to make minor improvements, launching more sustainable choices for customers who prefer to shop more sustainably.

What choices do Carters have for Organic and more sustainable baby clothes across their collections?

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Does Carters have Organic Baby Clothes?

Besides their regular collections, Carters has an organic baby clothesline called Little Planet by Carters.

Carters Organic baby clothes Line Little Planet by Carters was launched in 2021 and has since been established as a famous go-to clothing line for more sustainable shoppers.

The little planet collection is sold at a relatively cheap price point for 100% G.O.T.S certified organic baby clothes if you compare the prices with competitors’ brands’ s100% g.o.t.s certified organic baby clothes collections.

Does Carters Have organic baby clothes?-Banner of Carter with a baby wearing an Little Planet by Carters outfit.

Does Carters have other eco-friendly baby clothes collections too?

However, Carters does not have the best reputation for eco-friendly baby clothes choices. Lately, they have been improving in this area, launching more options for families that prefer to shop more sustainably and eco-friendly.

Recently, Carter has launched various lines besides their Little Planet line. The new sustainably focused clothing line is Carter Raise the Future.

In this Carters Raise the Future collection of Carters, you can find various collections made with characteristics that promote eco-friendlier and more sustainable baby clothes choices.

Some options include collections with recycled materials, and one baby clothesline of Carters is Oeko tex certified.

Final thoughts for Carters Organic baby clohtes

However, Carters are not entirely organic across their brand; they have an entire collection designated for their 100% G.O.T.S organic baby clothes, which are a great option to access genuine organic baby clothes for affordable pricing.

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