Are Oobi Baby Clothes Eco-Friendly?

Are Oobi Baby Clothes Eco-Friendly?

Oobi is committed to proactively running a high ethical and eco-friendly clothing ad homeware business. The Australian boutique clothing brand Oobi is rewarded for the socially responsible lead they take in the fashion field by various businesses, including the ‘green business of the year in Sydney award’ and Best Ethical Clothing Retailer award by magazine Lux.

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Why are Oobi baby clothes Eco-Friendly?

Oobi baby and kids clothes is a thoughtful high-end boutique clothing brand and are eco-friendly for multiple reasons.

Many details and considerations are involved in designing Oobie by clothes, and today we like to share 5 reasons why Oobie is an eco-friendly brand.

Find 5 reasons that make oobi a eco-friendly brands below:

1 Quality

Oobie may cost a little more but is all about durable quality boutique clohtes that are ethically made to last. Clothing that last means less clothing that ends up on landfill after short periods of wearing and makes them perfect to use for a sibling or sell as pre-loved items.

Selling and purchasing pre-loved clothing is more commonly done today, allowing more families to enjoy high-end clothing from more expensive brands like Oobi.

Across the globe, you may be able to find pre-loved Oobi pieces. For example, the Australian brand could be found preloved by the platform as Jumping Jack, who sells pre-loved garments of Oobi.

But also, if you are residing in the U.S, you can find some of Oobi’s unique pre-loved pieces on the shopping platform of Kidizen here.

2. Low impact dyes

As you may be aware, the textile industry is the second biggest polluter globally. Consuming less and buying pre-loved items are generally the most eco-friendly choice, but buying from proactive brands with their environmental approaches when buying new clothing pays off.

Multiple actions can reduce the strain put on the environment while manufacturing clothing. One of the choices brands make an effective difference in reducing polluting of the environment is the choice of dye they use to manufacture the garments.

Oobi uses only low impact dyes to craft their boutique clothing, and for some of their printing, they even use vegetable dyes.

3. Planting of trees

Oobi has committed to Ecology as yet another way to help make a positive effect on the enviroment positive CLIMATE change by planting trees which is an effective strategy to reduce carbon footprint.

Removing carbon dioxide from the air and storing the carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere is an effective strategy to reduce

4. Paper free office

Paper proudly runs a paper-free office, one of the keypoint Oobi has won the City of Sydney ‘Business of the year award’.

So If you ordered items from Oobi, you would find you won’t receive a paper invoice with your products as well inline of minimizing waste and minimizing eco footprints; hence you can request an invoice when required.

5. Sea freight shipping

Rather than using air freight to ship their supplies to Australia, Oobi has committed to using sea freight instead, which is one of the reasons contributing good ratings for eco-friendly standards from the watchdog company ‘good on you.

Final thoughts about Oobi Baby Clothes Eco-friendly standards.

Oobi is an example taking the lead in crafting unique boutique kids clothes that are fun, high quality, yet ethically made.

Multiple magazines and businesses recognise oobi for its eco-friendly ethical standard in running its business. However, there is always room for improvement, but purchasing from Oobi clearly supports a genuine brand in their eco-friendly efforts, minimizing their eco-footprint.

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