Are Finn Emma baby clothes Vegan?

Are Finn Emma’s baby clothes vegan? If you live a vegan lifestyle or want to avoid animal products for other reasons, you probably want to know if your baby’s clothes are free of animal products.

Are Finn Emma baby clothes vegan?-Baby standing in light living room with multiple green plants.
Are Finn Emma’s baby clothes vegan?-Baby selecting a book in a home environment surrounded by many green plants.

While, in some cases, products that use animals are easy to detect, other products may include animals that are not that obvious; as a result, you could be purchasing items that are not vegan without you realising.

Today we like to get in touch on the organic garments of Finn + Emma as most baby clothes you find don’t have these details described in their product details.

Are Finn + Emma’s baby clothes vegan?

We contacted Finn+Emma to find out!

Are Finn Emma’s baby clothes Vegan?

Yes, however, they are not certified Vegan; Finn+Emma’s product specialists have confirmed their baby clothes are vegan, which is excellent news for people who love the cute organic outfits from Finn Emma and follow a vegan lifestyle.

Response from Finn+Emma confirming their baby clothes is Vegan indeed.

Why Vegan baby clothes?

The vegan lifestyle has become more prominent in many countries, followed by sustainable lifestyle trends.

Many individuals make the mindful decision to stop eating meat and stay away from any products involving animals.

Families who follow a vegan lifestyle will likely be mindful shoppers, and when they expand their families, they will probably start looking for vegan baby clothes.

What materials to avoid for Vegan baby clothes?

Are Finn Emma baby clothes Vegan?-Sheep wool image.
Image of Sheep wool to avoid in vegan baby clothes.

When you start looking for vegan baby clothes, that are quite a few things you want to stay away from, and while some might be obvious, others might get more tricky to spot.

To get an overview of things you want to avoid when shopping for vegan baby clothes, we made a little list for you of what materials are involved you want to stay away from when choosing vegan garments.

  • Silk
  • fur (from any animal)
  • Hair (from any animal)
  • Feathers
  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Angora
  • Snakeskin
  • Shearling
  • Suede
  • Calfskin
  • Cashmere
  • Down

Now you may get an idea and consider checking labels and looking out for any of the materials above, but when still not sure, contacting brands to learn more about their products might be the best way to ensure products align with your values.

Consider checking in with brands…

Unfortunately, not all brands are transparent and provide clear answers to questions you may have, and sometimes you might have to put in a bit of effort to find out more about a product.

Still, most brands are happy to answer any questions you may have to find out of they align with your lifestyle.; hence we come across brands where it does still confirm details about their products.

Why are vegan baby clothes not certified?

Are Finn Emma baby clothes vegan?-Table presenting vegan foods stating 'my vegan life'.
A table presenting vegan foods states, ‘my vegan life.

When we look at organic cotton or sustainable eco nappies, it has become more mainstream for brands to certify with independent labels.

Independent labels make it so much easier for customers to identify products they can trust; hence, they are respected labels with high standards like G.O.T.S, one of the most respected labels of the organic cotton used by many baby brands, Finn+Emma.

Or Nordic Swan, a highly respected sustainable eco-labels that brands like Bambo nature. (and guess what, Bambo Nature confirmed in their most asked questions they are vegan too).

When will we start seeing certified vegan baby clothes?

However, brands can certify clothing with a vegan certificate already. This is not the norm just yet, and we cannot find any baby clothes that are certified Vegan. (let us know if you did come across any).

Hence this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any clothing companies that sell certified vegan clothes, as the certification label ‘Peta’ has over 1000 companies in their database. It is just still instead an exception to the norm.

This may soon change, though, and likely certifications for vegan baby clothes will be the next thing we will start seeing in baby clothes more commonly, considering the popularity of the trend and the increasing number of people looking for vegan baby clothes.

Are Finn Emma baby clothes Vegan?-Finn Emma organic graphic body suit.
Finn Emma organic graphic bodysuit.

Wrap up on Are Finn+Emma’s baby clothes vegan?

While there are likely plenty more organic baby clothes there than Finn Emma that are vegan, it can be hard to tell without your diligent research to be sure they are.

While the trends on a vegan lifestyle become more prominent, brands that choose to certify their products with vegan labels like Peta will likely become more common and, hopefully, mainstream.

Independent labels would be valuable for customers to recognise vegan baby clothes, aligning with their lifestyle values and saving them tons of time in research.

Meanwhile, we do the best we can and read labels and ask for confirmation from brands we like to purchase from when we doubt the baby clothes in question are free of animal products.

Have you come across any certified baby clothes brands just yet?

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