Are Aden and Anais’s blankets worth the money? – Organic?

Raegan Moya-Jones, originally from Australia, launched her Luxurious baby blankets business ‘Aden and Anais’, in the United States in 2006. If you have been browsing for Aden and Anais’s baby blankets, you may have noticed that larger-than-average blankets don’t necessarily come cheap.

But Are Aden Anais’s blankets worth the money?

And or the blankets made from organic fibres?

Are Aden and Anais’s blankets worth the money?

Aden and Anais feature a larger-than-average baby blanket and are overall well-reviewed by families. Even though their collection is considerably limited, they have a collection made from organic cotton, which is excellent for families to purchase organic products for their babies.

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Are Aden and Anais’s blankets high quality?

Aden and Anais carry two different labels that are slight differences in quality.

In addition to their initial brand and quality, Aden + Anais has also decided to introduce Aden + Anais essentials.

The inspiration for Launching Aden + Anais essentials is to create similar but more affordable products than the Aden + Anais initial range.

Minor adjustments in the Aden + Anais essential products include slightly smaller sizes and lower thread counts.

Are Aden and Anais’s blankets organic?

Aden + Anais’s iconic products are baby blankets and swaddles that represent high durable quality and are initially not exclusively organic.

Yet, they have launched a small collection of Organic Swaddles and Organic Blankets crafted from G.O.T.S certified cotton, aligning with eco-conscious families shopping for their babies.

Are Aden and Anais blankets worth the money?-Aden and Anais organic blanket.

Final thoughts for Aden + Anais

However, Aden + Anais has a few G.O.T.S-certified options for eco-conscious shoppers; most of their collections are not organic.

Also, Aden + Anais mention using fabrics free of Azo chemical compounds, yet the Bamboo viscose they use doesn’t note being certified with Oeko-tex 100.

In regards to quality, Aden + Anais is well-reviewed for durable quality and loved by many. Yet, their sustainable focus on using eco-friendly materials and certifications like Oeko-tex or G.O.T.S appear to be still in baby shoes.

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